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An Award for *YOU*

The month of October is over.  Can I get a hallelujah?  Can I get an oink oink?  I have really tried to entertain all of my friends here in blogville with my 31 Days of Spook.  I’ve highlighted cemeteries, haunted houses, haunted lighthouses, mysterious places and things that go bump in the night.  Oh, and let’s not forget the most frightening thing of all – frying bacon!  – THUD Piggy Down!

It was tough at times being creative and my inner Count Baconula came out to play.  I really hope that you enjoyed the little devil in me and had a great time with the month of October.  I also hope that you saw that I’m more just than a piggy that squeals with glee and who is really extraordinarily handsome – snort snort – okay I’m pushing it, I know.

20131031-192016.jpg So friends – I have something for you!  I would like to award all of my blogville friends that stayed with me the entire 31 Days of Spook with the first famous “I Survived 31 Days of Spook 2013” Award.  The rules of this award are very simple.

1 – Accept the award and post it to your page

2 – Post the award on your page letting me know if you enjoyed my 31 Days of Spook.

There you go.  Easy peasy 1 and 2.  You deserve it my friends.  Please accept it and Count Baconula hopes to see you again next year in some spooks!

And a shout out to Easy and Staff at for creating my award picture.  Thanks pal – you’re the bestest friend a little piggy could have!

But for real, I hope you had fun reading my 31 Days of Spook.  I know I had a lot of fun bringing them to you my friends.  I also hope that you will take my poll below about next year.  XOXO – Bacon


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