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Funny Daddy


Mom and dad do bring out the freeze in cold.  This is a picture of their air conditioning unit while at the beach.  A chilly but yet comfortable 54 degrees.  Too cold for you?  Now you know why I wear a fur coat at the Hotel Thompson – snorts.  No really, it’s fine here.

They both like it cold – especially at night when they are trying to sleep and have sweet dreams.  But there is one difference between here at the Hotel Thompson and the hotel they stayed at during vacation.  Blankets.  That’s right, I said blankets.

You see here at the Hotel Thompson, mom and dad have separate blankets.  I know it seems odd but it works for them and what works ain’t broke so don’t fix it.  You’re probably asking yourself why the separate blankets?  I’m glad you asked.

Early in their marriage, they both learned that dad was a blanket whore.  Yep, I said it.  Blanket whore.  Take in point this picture that mom took as evidence for an example 🙂

See all of those blankets on the floor to the right side of the bed?  That was daddy’s side.  Daddy who kept telling mommy that she was hogging all of the blankets and he had none.  All during the time that mommy’s frozen derrière was hanging out in the cold and she was shaking from frostbite.  I mean, she could have turned the air conditioning down but then, she would be too hot to sleep.  It’s what mom refers to as a catch 22 – darned if you do and darned if you don’t.

Anyone else relate?  Please tell me mommy isn’t the only one with a blanket hog?


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