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Inquiring Minds Have to NO Need to Know


Inquiring minds need to know ūüôā

When you talk to your friends and family about your blogging friends, do you tell them that one of your friends is a cute, adorable, domesticated oinker?

What do they say?

Are they shocked that I’m so educated and that I try to stay on top of things in the world? ¬†Are they shocked that I can type? ¬†Are they shocked that I can express my feelings? ¬†Are they shocked that I can take pictures with mom’s camera?


Are they amazed at my sense of humor? ¬†Do tell? I really need to know. ¬†Moms friends at work think she’s crazy. ¬†I’m not sure why. ¬†She’s raised me well?


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31 Days of Spook – Day 25

Hello spooky friends. ¬†Today, October 25, 2013, is¬†Frankenstein Friday – booyah! ¬†Frankenstein Friday is always the last Friday in October. ¬†It’s a day to celebrate the birth of Frankenstein and its creator.

Frankenstein is one of the best known characters from horror movies and dates back to the 1800’s. ¬†Frankenstein was born and created in 1818 by Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley at the age of 21 when she wrote the ever famous¬†Frankenstein. ¬†Can you imagine being so young and creating a character that would last forever?!

Do you know where the origin of this day came from?  Today was created by Ron MacCloskey from Westfield, New Jersey in 1997. He picked a Friday to celebrate so more people could participate.

Have you heard of Westfield, New Jersey before?  Does that sound familiar?  Well, Westfield, New Jersey is also the hometown of Charles Addams, the New York Times magazine cartoonist who created The Addams Family.  Small world huh?


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Mommy is H.O.M.E.!

Does this tell you in any way, shape or form how much I missed my mommy? ¬†She snuck into the house when I was taking my nap in my bedroom. ¬†I smelled her first and then I heard her voice. ¬†I came running in the front room so fast and so hard that I almost knocked her down. ¬†She sat on the sofa and I jumped up with her putting my head in her lap. ¬†She said I starting making a ‘purr’ sound. ¬†I missed my mommy! ¬†I stayed there and slept with her for the longest time. ¬†Every once in a while, I would lick her fingers to make sure it was her. ¬†I stayed there for hours until she just had to get up and go potty. ¬†I mean Hannah was great and everything – but she’s not my mommy!

And things weren’t too bad. ¬†Can you believe those purr things got into more trouble than I did? ¬†Snorts – way to go Hemi and Mouse Girl. ¬†Hannah never got use to me calling her for breakfast in the mornings. ¬†Man that girl can jump from a dead sleep. ¬†But she was sweet and tried really hard to be at my beck and call. ¬†She only did one thing that really upset me. ¬†Mommy gave me her t-shirt that she had worn to bed the night before she left so I could smell her all week. ¬†Hannah thought it was dirty and washed it the second day. ¬†After that, I didn’t smell mom anymore and moped around a little.

Oh and there was that incident with the pizza. ¬†I’m not mentioning any names but when you leave a slice of pizza just laying around on a television tray in the front room unchaperoned, you just *know* it’s going to call my name… especially when it’s cheese pizza. ¬†Thanks Hannah – snorts – nice snack!


I didn’t let mommy go to bed until late last night and she went back to the worky place this morning. ¬†It’s just me and dad today getting things from the vacation taken care of. ¬†And yeah, I guess I kind of missed him just a little bit too. ¬†Don’t tell him though – okay.

Mommy says that she has plenty of pictures for me to post next week about their trip. ¬†And you know, I helped Bashful stow away in their suitcase so he went to Savannah too. ¬†He had a BALL! ¬†He’s going to finish up a couple of things this weekend and will be headed off next week to another secret destination – I know he can’t wait!

Ooohhh – and while mom/dad were at the beach, they saw someone famous. ¬†Yep, famous. ¬†Can’t wait to tell you who next week!


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31 Days of Spook – Day 24


Day 24 of my 31 Days of Spook here my friends.  Count Baconula reporting on a show that has withstood the test of time РScooby Doo.  Who can resist Scooby Doo??

This picture to the left was from the first episode of Scooby Doo, Where Are You!.  The show was titled What a Night for a Knight and came out in 1969.  Do you know who is a big fan Рno HUGE fan Рof Scooby Doo?  My mommy.  She has every animated episode, every film and even some knick knacks around the Hotel Thompson.  AND, did you know that mommy once had her picture taken with Scooby Doo in person? Yep!

Scooby Doo and those meddling kids seem to get around and are always finding a mystery to solve. ¬†By the end of the show, the scary monster/person is always unveiled to find a real person. ¬†But hey, half of the fun is getting there and seeing Scooby and Shaggy shake out of control! ¬†And who in the world can forget Fred’s plans and Velma losing her glasses or saying “Jinkies”.

The 30 minute shows were wonderful.  Mom says she remembers coming home, her mom popping popcorn for her as an afternoon snack and her watching the series before hitting the homework.  Life was grand, huh?  Then, the greatest thing happened Рaround 1976, they started The Scooby Doo/Dynomutt Hour.  An hour long time of fun, giggles and adventure.  Could it get any better?

Not really – snorts. ¬†In 1979, the creators went down a slightly backward curve and introduced Scrappy Doo. ¬†And then in 1980,¬†The New Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo. ¬†Yawn fest. ¬†These were good don’t get me wrong. ¬†But, they just weren’t the same.

There was just something about that little whiney ‘let me at em’ pooch me and mom just don’t care for. ¬†I can’t put my hoove on it but it was just wrong. ¬†He was… annoying. ¬†Yeah, that’s it. ¬†Annoying.

Now, in 1988 they came out with¬†A Pup Named Scooby Doo. ¬†This was actually a fine show. ¬†Scooby Doo as a puppy was great – he wasn’t anything like that little character called Scrappy. ¬†Go figure.

In 1985, they came out with –¬†The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo. ¬†This movie even “Ghost Starred” Vincent Price – snorts. ¬†Even though some of the kids weren’t in it (only Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy)¬†it was still a great first show. ¬†Of course, there were only 13 shows – you know until they caught everyone – snorts.

Vincent Price played Vincent Van Ghoul and traveled the world trying to capture thirteen of the most terrifying ghosts upon the face of the earth.  Shivers Рfor the day and time, it was scary to the bone for this little oinker!

After this, they actually turned out some intriguing movies –

Scooby Goes Hollywood; Scooby Doo Meets the Boo Brothers (one of my favorites); Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School; Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf; Scooby Doo in Arabian Nights and Night of the Living Doo.  These were the forerunners of something great to come.  Although they had some mystery and intrigue, the writers were getting better with the characters.

In 2002,¬†Scooby Doo, the first film that wasn’t animation came out to spook us all. ¬†At this time, we find that the gang have went their separate ways. ¬†They are all approached to go to Spooky¬†¬†Island – of course to solve a mystery. ¬†And trust me, this island was spooky – and that Daemon Ritus – shivers. ¬†By the end of the movie, Mystery Inc has been reunited and all is good in the world once again.

In 2004,¬†Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed was released. ¬†This movie is my all time favorite! ¬†It highlights all of the past ‘monsters’ they have met throughout the years at the new opening of the Coolsonian Criminology Museum. ¬†And, BONUS, the monsters seem to be coming back alive! ¬†Shivers.


And they came out with other animated cartoons that were movies over the years. ¬†Some of my favorites: Scooby Doo on Zombie Island; Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost; Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire; Scooby Doo and the Monster of Mexico; Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster; Scooby Doo Legend of Phantosaur; Scooby Doo Music of the Vampire –¬†just to name a few.

So yeah, either animated or film, those kids have some awesome adventures out and about. ¬†Who you gonna call – I’m going to call Mystery Inc. ¬†So the next time you are feeling a little down and need a pick me up, why don’t you pop in a Scooby Doo video. ¬†It always makes us smile here at the Hotel Thompson.

 Do you remember some of their monsters from the past?

The Black Knight; Captain Cutler’s Ghost; 10,000 Volt Ghost; Tar Monster; Phantom; Miner Forty-Niner; Indian Witch Doctor; Ghost of Elias Kingston; Ape Man; Ghost Clown; ¬†Redbeard’s Ghost; Ghost of Mr Hyde

AND, do you know the full names of all five characters? ¬†Don’t look, answers are below my friends. ¬†ūüôā

Freddie Jones * Daphne Blake * Velma Dinkley * Norville “Shaggy” Rogers * Scoobert Doo


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Farewell From the Beach –

I guess next time mom/dad goes to the beach, I am so putting out an ad in the local Tybee Island newspaper to warn the people that live there – snorts. ¬†They have sent me all kinds of pictures from their trip. ¬†This is the main sign welcoming you to Tybee Island. ¬†Isn’t it cute? ¬†They said they could just live down here forever with no problems. ¬†Uh-oh. ¬†Be forewarned islanders, mom/dad never plan on leaving… even after they pass – snorts.


It does sound like they had a great time – lots of bonding time as daddy put it – without the children. ¬†What?! ¬†You sound like you didn’t miss me dad. ¬†What’s up with that? ¬†Mommy took this picture outside her window one day as they were leaving to go do something beachwise. ¬†It’s actually kind of pretty with the palm trees and water in the background. ¬†Mom said they walked out the back door, went down a little path and they were right there on the sandy beach having fun and causing havoc. ¬†Her words not mine – snorts.

Mom said they spent a LOT of time on the beach this year. ¬†I’m glad because she really did need a break from the ordinary and have a good time… even if it was without little ole cute as a button me.

They also took the following pictures on the beach Рone of the pier and one from underneath the pier which I thought was kind of unique.  You?





I could just see myself playing under the pier in the water in and out of the shadows digging around in the sand with my little snout. ¬†Mom did say that she would consider taking me next year if they could find a place to stay that would allow me. ¬†I can be on good behavior for a week. ¬†Right? ¬†Don’t laugh! ¬†I’m serious. ¬†There has to be somewhere on the island that will take in my sweet self.


Also while mom/dad were exploring the island during their adventure time Рsnorts, they visited the Tybee Lighthouse.  I do believe that this has to be one of my favorite pictures that mommy has taken.  What do you think?

Well, that’s it for now. ¬†I have to go. ¬†They are coming home today and I gotta lot of cleaning to do in my bedroom. ¬†XOXO – Bacon


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easyblog WEDNESDAY

Easy Blog

Yesterday I found a message in a bottle in my bathroom. Fortunately I saw it before dad took place, so I could fish the message out of the bowl.
I was from Bacon and first I thought he radioed me SOS ‚Äď butt, SURPRISE! All was well with him and his nanny Hannah, except the two PURRSONS in the Hotel Thompson what played some tricks. Maybe they had not enough treats?
I copied Bacons Message for you, so you can see, Bacon is a good boy and he has a good time, while his parents are away.
Hey bud,
Just wanted to give you a shout out and let you know what’s going on. Feel free to share.

Hannah has been a real doll. Everyone was so worried about me and ‚Äúmy‚ÄĚ rules, they forgot to mention a few things about the purr things. Hannah went‚Ķ

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31 Days of Spook – Day 23

Hello friends – Count Baconula here. ¬†Today is a wonderful day indeed. ¬†Not only are the humans coming home from their lovely vacation, you have made it more than half way through my scares. ¬†I applaud you for making it this far. ¬†You deserve some credit. ¬†So today, let’s tell another true story from daddy. ¬†I know you’re dying to hear it – evil snorts.

To get through college, daddy worked at a local hospital on the mental health ward.  No those rumors are not true Рthat is not where he met mommy Рsnorts.

When he first started at the hospital, he worked the midnight shift. The mental health ward during this time was in the basement right beside the morgue.  That would bring shivers to this little piggy to begin with.

One of his co-workers  told him a story the first couple of days that he was in training that still to this day puts his nerves on edge.  They said that years earlier, a mental health patient had gotten out of their rooms in the middle of the night.  They went into the  elevator and hung themselves around 3:00AM. Staff of the hospital found the mental health patient hanging in the elevator dead.

Since then, the elevators had locks installed on them and they won’t work without the key being inserted to call for the elevator. ¬†The nurse told daddy that every night at 3:00AM, without fail, the elevator doors would open by themselves. ¬†Daddy didn’t take too much into this until the first time he worked by himself. ¬†The nurse’s station was right in front of the elevator doors. ¬†Exactly at 3:00AM, the doors opened all by themselves. It still sends chills up and down daddy’s spine. ¬†And the elevators to this date, still open and close exactly at 3:00AM. ¬†Nothing is wrong with them, they’ve been checked. ¬†There is no reason for them to open at this particular time. ¬†Anyone going up?


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,

I just wanted to tell you what you are missing at the beach this week. ¬†The sun is up, I have my shades on and I’m enjoying the people watching. ¬†Wish you could have come with your parents. ¬†Signed Shorty

Dear Shorty,

WOW – That looks like an awesome kind of time my friend. ¬†Mom/dad have said perhaps next year will be different and I can partake at the beach. ¬†We shall see. ¬†Don’t forget your sunscreen!


Dear Bacon,

Do I need to sing you the song of our people in a happy dance? ¬†Let’s rejoice while you are parent free. ¬†Think of the possibilities of fun you can have. ¬†Live it up my friend. ¬†Don’t be sad. ¬†Signed Pee Wee

Dear Pee Wee,

You do have some good points and I do appreciate you cheering me up. ¬†Just one more day and mom will be back home. ¬†Separation is good for the soul… but now it’s getting too much.


Dear Bacon,

Is it safe to come out yet? ¬†Your 31 Days of Spook have gotten me kind of scared for every little bump in the night. ¬†I know I’m a cat but well the humans here call me a Scaredy Cat. ¬†Hey, if the shoe fits, right? ¬†Is October almost over. ¬†I don’t think I can take many more of your stories. ¬†Signed Jumpy

Dear Jumpy,

You poor thing. ¬†You might need to hold someone’s paw the rest of the month when reading my stories. ¬†There’s just 9 more left. ¬†You can make it little fellow.


Dear Bacon,

So your mom/dad went on vacation and left you.  So what!  My pool is nice and cozy.  Come on over so we can pawty my friend!  Signed Stud



Dear Stud,

Now you are talking my friend!  I can deal with that kind of relaxing.  Let me see if I can get my pig sitter Hannah to bring me over.  Oh YES!


Dear Bacon,

RAWR! ¬†Did I scare you? ¬†Huh, did I. ¬†Were you scared? ¬†Did you jump? ¬†Is your heart pumping a million miles a minute? ¬†Is it? ¬†Huh? ¬†I’ve been reading your stories. ¬†I thought I would scare you my friend. ¬†Did it work? Huh? ¬†Did it? ¬†Signed Ferocious

Dear Ferocious,

OMP (oh my pig)! ¬†I jumped and almost hit the ceiling I was so scared my friend. ¬†My tail went between my legs and I just can’t stop shaking. ¬†You are so fierce looking – the horror. ¬†I don’t know how I’m going to stand it. ¬†Oh no! ¬†I need to go potty – you scared me *that* bad! ¬†Keep it up little guy!



REMEMBER my anipals.  If you have problems and pictures, I have answers.  Send them to me at  Have a great day!


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31 Days of Spook – Day 22

Hello my friends. ¬†I’m so glad to see that you are staying with me during my 31 Days of Spook. ¬†Hasn’t it been fun? ¬†Scary? ¬†Are you second guessing the bumps you hear in the middle of the night? ¬†Today, I want to talk about something that I learned about coffins. ¬†It’s an interesting tale of a time back when.

Did you know that around 1829, they had bells attached to coffins? ¬†I didn’t either until I stated doing some research. ¬†You’ll never believe what those little bells were for. ¬†Evil snort. ¬†People in this time often got smallpox, diphtheria and cholera and doctors hastily pronounced they were dead and signed death certificates. ¬†Sometimes they did this without even seeing the bodies themselves – just by the word of family. ¬†Medical procedures were nothing like they are today. ¬†Often with such, people were buried and and would wake up in a casket – shivers – the fear of that! ¬†Patents were put out on caskets that had a hole drilled the coffin through which a chord was run that would be attached to a bell that was mounted above the grave. ¬†The chord handle was placed in the ‘dead’ person’s hand just in case they ‘woke up’ from the dead. ¬†They could ring the bell in hopes that someone would hear above and dig them back up. ¬†It was an unfortunate time to live through, you think?


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Mom and Dad Unchaperoned – This Can’t End Well

Please explain to me WHY my parents can’t be normal? ¬†Why do they think it’s hilariously funny to send me pictures like the one below? ¬†They are on vacation and went to one of their favorite restaurants on Tybee Island called Bernie’s Restaurant and Bar. ¬†It is located on 13 Tybrisa Street. ¬†Mom says that they have the *BEST* oysters and Bloody Mary’s. ¬†I guess with enough Bloody Mary’s, they thought the can was funny. ¬†Shakes piggy head – that’s my mom/dad.

I’m sending out a public apology to Tybee Island now for them. ¬†Please forgive them. ¬†They don’t get out much unchaperoned. ¬†There’s no telling what else they may do. ¬†Good grief. Uh-oh. Just got word from mom that she bought a shirt with this saying on it. Shakes my little piggy head.


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