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31 Days of Spook – Day 29

Today, I’m taking you on a side trip my friends on my spook adventure. Today I want to talk to you about a place that mom and dad went to during their vacation to Tybee Island. It was Fort Pulaski, a national monument, located at US Highway 80 E, Savannah, Georgia. Maybe it’s not full of ghosts, but if you close your eyes and listen hard enough perhaps you will still hear the sounds of battle.


The park is open daily from 9AM until 5PM. You can go on a guided tour or roam the grounds by yourself. Mom and dad decided to go by themselves and see what kind of trouble they could get into – go mom/dad.

After you pay to enter the park, you drive over the Cockspur Island Bridge into the grounds. It’s kind of a dark picture to the right but the trees are gorgeous! Look at all of that rolling lovely green grass! So many places for this little porker to play – pets are welcomed ūüôā


Then you start to see the fort itself – so massive! I don’t know why but mom was just astonished to the ‘moat’ that was around this huge fortress. Mom and dad said they were the only ones there for a bit and the silence from everything was kind of overwhelming. It was like you could almost hear the gunshots in the background, the moans of soldiers and people talking. The wind was blowing and you could hear it singing in between the brick walls with the soft sounds of the water echoing. It was kind of eerie.




Fort Pulaski is huge. It was overcast this day so some of the pictures are not the best but hopefully you will enjoy them. Mom took this picture to the right as they were walking down to enter into the fort. It looks calm but mom/dad both said that the air was heavy.

They walked all the way down until the other side of the building. That’s where there was a bridge that they walked over to enter into the fort itself. For the building to be as old as it is (built in 1861), it is remarkably still intact. You do see some stonework falling inside of the casemates but as a whole, it is grand.




Fireplaces and windows are still standing as well as the cannons in the windows. You’ll even notice on the bottom of the cannon picture where the cannons could slide left/right for positioning of the firing.

And how would you like to be a prisoner of the fort? Look to this picture to the left of the ‘beds’ they used. Wood slats. Comfy huh? Daddy tried one when mom ‘locked him up’ in prison. It was kind of hard – snorts.













And I saved the best picture until last. The stairs to the top of the fort. I’m not mentioning names but someone thought they would wobble up these torturous stairs to the top of the fort to take a peek. Notice that the stairs do not have handrails. It was a great view at the top and I would have a picture to share if only mom remembered to bring the camera – silly mom. And she wasn’t crawling back down to get the camera she said. And also let’s say that mom took the adventure of the stairs and that night it hurt in every place possible. That’ll teach mom not to climb and old fort like she was a teenager – snorts.

Oh, and another missed photo opportunity mom/dad made. They saw and met a beautiful white German Shepherd while visiting the Fort. She was so friendly and mom got to love on her for a while with her parents.

So the question remains. Is Fort Pulaski haunted? Mom asked one of the workers and she was told no. Is it spooky – yes. Do you pick up “feelings” of days gone – yes. Mom and dad both said they could close their eyes and hear and picture in their minds the activity that happened once upon a time. ¬†

Since mom/dad have been back home, I’ve done a lot of research on Fort Pulaski. ¬†To my amazement, there have been many encounters with the unknown at the Fort over the years. ¬†There was a story about a mother and son visiting the fort that were crossing over the draw bridge to enter into the fort. ¬†They met a Confederate sentry dressed in uniform with his sword. ¬†They spoke to him about his outfit and the fort. ¬†The mother then inquired about a restroom and he advised that he could not leave his position to show her. ¬†She thanked the man and with her son she continued into the fort to ask about the restrooms. ¬†There she was advised that the restrooms were at the entrance. ¬†She became upset and told the man about the soldier she spoke to at the drawbridge. ¬†The man advised her that they had no soldiers dressed in Confederate uniforms at the fort.

Then there was a time that a group of Confederate reenactors placed a wreath at the graves in 1994. ¬†They then settled down for the night and camped out. ¬†During the night, a young 12 year old boy couldn’t sleep and was walking around the fort. ¬†Nearing the graves, he saw a figure of a Confederate soldier in uniform on his knees near the grave they had put the wreath. ¬†The soldier had his hat in his hand, then stood and faded away into the air.

Then during further research, I learned that an actor that you might have heard of did a movie at Fort Pulaski back in 2009.  The movie was called The Conspirator and the actor was Robert Redford.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s haunted or not. ¬†Maybe someone needs to let the worker at the shop know that there has been some cases of mysterious sightings. ¬†It was definitely an adventure that mom/dad would be willing to do again… of course minus the stairs – snorts.


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

You just know I have to go there. ¬†Do you think my tongue is longer than Miley Cyrus’? ¬†I do believe I can make a better video. ¬†What do you think? ¬†Signed Tonsil

Dear Tonsil,

YES!  and Y.E.S.!!  I do believe your tongue is longer and cuter than the girl masquerading as an entertainer.  AND, I do believe you could make a better AND cleaner video than of such.  I mean look at you now.  You are already wearing more clothes Рsnorts.



Dear Bacon,

I’m confused. ¬†I’m mystified. ¬†I’m just well don’t know. ¬†What is it? ¬†Is it a turtle? ¬†Is it a dinoturtle? ¬†Is it a form of a Mutant Ninja Turtle? ¬†What the cat’s eye is it? ¬†Signed Confucius

Dear Confucius,

It’s cute. ¬†That’s what it is – snorticles. ¬†Go with it and have some fun. ¬†Put a leash on it and walk it for Halloween.



Dear Bacon,

What nut? ¬†I don’t see a nut. ¬†There are no nuts around here. ¬†There’s nothing to see here. ¬†Carry on. ¬†Signed Dale

Dear Dale,

No nuts huh?  Well you might want to get that overly enlarged cheek looked at by your doctor.  PLOL (pig laughing out loud)



Dear Bacon,

Sometimes you just have to find a friend that cares about you and your well being when out in nature. ¬†Someone that you can curl up to and take a sleep and know that no one is going to bother you while you are doing so. ¬†This is my buddy Pete. ¬†He’s my pal. ¬†You need to find you a Pete too when you go outside. ¬†Signed Bun

Dear Bun,

Awww – that is so adorable my friend. ¬†I’ll start looking for one now.



Dear Bacon,

This is my friend Scratch. ¬†He is blind. ¬†I’m officially his seeing eye cat. ¬†You don’t see this everyday, do you? ¬†It just goes to show you that anyone can help someone out. ¬†I’ve heard about your humans vision problems. ¬†Why don’t you become his seeing eye pig? ¬†It would be awesome! ¬†Signed Felix

Dear Felix,

You know you do have a point my friend. ¬†That is fantastic. ¬†I think I’ll try to start today. ¬†Thanks for the heads up. ¬†Continue on doing a great deed!


**Remember friends – send your pictures and questions to me at



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