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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,

I just wanted to tell you what you are missing at the beach this week.  The sun is up, I have my shades on and I’m enjoying the people watching.  Wish you could have come with your parents.  Signed Shorty

Dear Shorty,

WOW – That looks like an awesome kind of time my friend.  Mom/dad have said perhaps next year will be different and I can partake at the beach.  We shall see.  Don’t forget your sunscreen!


Dear Bacon,

Do I need to sing you the song of our people in a happy dance?  Let’s rejoice while you are parent free.  Think of the possibilities of fun you can have.  Live it up my friend.  Don’t be sad.  Signed Pee Wee

Dear Pee Wee,

You do have some good points and I do appreciate you cheering me up.  Just one more day and mom will be back home.  Separation is good for the soul… but now it’s getting too much.


Dear Bacon,

Is it safe to come out yet?  Your 31 Days of Spook have gotten me kind of scared for every little bump in the night.  I know I’m a cat but well the humans here call me a Scaredy Cat.  Hey, if the shoe fits, right?  Is October almost over.  I don’t think I can take many more of your stories.  Signed Jumpy

Dear Jumpy,

You poor thing.  You might need to hold someone’s paw the rest of the month when reading my stories.  There’s just 9 more left.  You can make it little fellow.


Dear Bacon,

So your mom/dad went on vacation and left you.  So what!  My pool is nice and cozy.  Come on over so we can pawty my friend!  Signed Stud



Dear Stud,

Now you are talking my friend!  I can deal with that kind of relaxing.  Let me see if I can get my pig sitter Hannah to bring me over.  Oh YES!


Dear Bacon,

RAWR!  Did I scare you?  Huh, did I.  Were you scared?  Did you jump?  Is your heart pumping a million miles a minute?  Is it?  Huh?  I’ve been reading your stories.  I thought I would scare you my friend.  Did it work? Huh?  Did it?  Signed Ferocious

Dear Ferocious,

OMP (oh my pig)!  I jumped and almost hit the ceiling I was so scared my friend.  My tail went between my legs and I just can’t stop shaking.  You are so fierce looking – the horror.  I don’t know how I’m going to stand it.  Oh no!  I need to go potty – you scared me *that* bad!  Keep it up little guy!



REMEMBER my anipals.  If you have problems and pictures, I have answers.  Send them to me at  Have a great day!


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31 Days of Spook – Day 22

Hello my friends.  I’m so glad to see that you are staying with me during my 31 Days of Spook.  Hasn’t it been fun?  Scary?  Are you second guessing the bumps you hear in the middle of the night?  Today, I want to talk about something that I learned about coffins.  It’s an interesting tale of a time back when.

Did you know that around 1829, they had bells attached to coffins?  I didn’t either until I stated doing some research.  You’ll never believe what those little bells were for.  Evil snort.  People in this time often got smallpox, diphtheria and cholera and doctors hastily pronounced they were dead and signed death certificates.  Sometimes they did this without even seeing the bodies themselves – just by the word of family.  Medical procedures were nothing like they are today.  Often with such, people were buried and and would wake up in a casket – shivers – the fear of that!  Patents were put out on caskets that had a hole drilled the coffin through which a chord was run that would be attached to a bell that was mounted above the grave.  The chord handle was placed in the ‘dead’ person’s hand just in case they ‘woke up’ from the dead.  They could ring the bell in hopes that someone would hear above and dig them back up.  It was an unfortunate time to live through, you think?


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