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Evaluate Your Life Day


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Today, October 19, 2013 is Evaluate Your Life Day.  What?  You don’t know what that is?  Really?  Let me explain.  Today is the day to think about where you are at, what you have done and what you still want to do in your life.  Make sense now?  It’s kind of a time to reflect your bucket list.

Today gives you time to reflect and pause upon your life.  Are things going well?  Are you happy where you are?  Where do you want to go to now?  Do a self evaluation and see your status.  I asked Bacon to do his and he listed some of the things below.

Found my forever home – done.  Secured my place in my forever home in the pecking order – done.  Wrapped mommy around my hooves – done.  Finally got cable hooked up to my television in my bedroom – done.  Went outside into nature – done.


  • Take over the world.
  • Wrap daddy around my hooves.
  • Scare Hemi one good time.
  • Eat a pumpkin.  I’ve heard they are really good.  I would like to try one.
  • Get my autographed poster from Miss Piggy.  I’m still waiting from my fan letter that I sent.  Can anyone help this pig out?
  • Step my hooves into the water at the beach.

So what is on your evaluation list today?


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31 Days of Spook – Day 19


Forgive me my friends.  This is Count Baconula here.  I’m afraid this may be my scariest post EVER.  Today, sniffles, mom/dad left me!  I know, I know.  We were all expecting this but…but…but it’s not actually reality until it happens.  I’m not really sure who cried the most – me or mommy.  Hannah my pig sitter and daddy tried to get me and mom separated but we just couldn’t let go – CRY!  I got hiccups because I was crying so hard.  Do you ever do that?  It was scary and hiccup I’m missing her already!

I have to get myself together.  My friends in blogville are counting on me to scare YOU today.  Sniff – sniff.  I can do this.  I really can.  I’ve went through my collection of videos and pulled out another all time favorite video of mine.  It kind of fits today too – Who You Gonna Call?  Enjoy my friends.


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