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31 Days of Spook – Day 15

Okay my friends – Count Baconula here. No 31 Days of Spook can be complete without having the original Mistress of the Dark – Elvira be included. Who can forget Cassandra Peterson playing the role of horror hostess Elvira? Va-va-va-voom is what this little oinker says – snorts.

We saw Elvira talking about horror shows coming on television but one of her greatest movies that I loved came out in 1988 with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. It’s spooky. It’s funny. It’s silly. There’s a scene with some pigs. It’s a great movie. Okay, I’m a guy pig – she has a great body. It’s out now. But it was still a great movie and I’m sure dad agrees 100%. Sorry mom – ūüôā snorts

There was an actual plot to this movie – not much of one, I give you that – but there was a plot. Elvira quits her job after an outburst of sexual harassment with the new station owner. hhmm – were you wearing that delectable little outfit? Could that be why he ‘hit’ on you? Just wondering – snorts.

Elvira finds out that she has been mentioned in her late great aunt Morgana’s will and heads off to her mansion in Fallwell, Massachusetts to start a new life. A new life full of secrets and a Bichon Frise dog who is not who it seems. A theatre is involved. PTA is involved – yep I snorted PTA. There’s even a Flashdance revision that is right up there with something to remember. Elvira is tied up and burned at the stake. It is really a memorable movie. What? You don’t remember this great movie? Never fear – and I know my guy friends will appreciate this – I’m attaching a clip for the movie. You’re welcome. Enjoy my friends! Hope I don’t scare you too much with this – snorts.


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Dear Bacon

20130724-230107.jpgDear Bacon,
We read your weekly Dear Bacon issue every Tuesday at Old McDonald’s Farm. ¬†There has been a lot of questions about one being able to touch their nose with their tongue. ¬†I don’t get the fascination with this. ¬†All of us cows can do it. ¬†I had Myrtle take my picture of me doing just for the proof. ¬†What do you think little pig? ¬†Signed Bertha ¬†P.S. Old McDonald said you are welcomed anytime here at the farm. ¬†It would be a hoot if you came for a visit!

Dear Bertha and friends at Old McDonald’s Farm,
Wow! ¬†The proof is in the picture. ¬†I too don’t know what the fascination is. ¬†I can touch my snout with my tongue. ¬†Thanks to all of your friends at the farm for the invite. ¬†Next time I’m that way, I’ll drop in for a visit. ¬†Maybe I’ll bring the rocks with me so they can have a field trip. ¬†It would be a blast my friends!



Dear Bacon,
This is my scary look. ¬†We’ve all taken turns reading your 31 Days of Spook here in Kentucky at the stables. ¬†Pig – you are some scary wrapped with HORROR. ¬†Where have you been hearing all of these frightening tales? ¬†Have been talking to Stephen King himself? ¬†Signed Hoarse from Screaming

Dear Hoarse from Screaming,
Thank you very much my friend.  I take that as the compliment it was intended.  I watch a LOT of television and I read a LOT of scary books.  And, it helps that mommy likes a little of the macabre as well.  You just have to remember Рghosts are our friends.  They just have a lot of unfinished business to say the least.

And yes.  Stephen King is a big inspiration to this little oinker.  You know they say he dreams about a lot of the work he creates.  Can you imagine living in his home?  WOW!  Now that would be scary.



Dear Bacon,
I am blaming this ALL on you. ¬†If you didn’t write about such scary horror postings, I wouldn’t have gotten scared and climbed into the pillow and then the pillow wouldn’t have gotten scared and threw up. ¬†It’s all your fault. ¬†Signed Shaking Pooch

Dear Shaking Pooch,
I see my friend. ¬†It’s all my fault. ¬†Shaking head sideways. ¬†I did everything. ¬†Uh huh. ¬†Blame it on the pig that can type. ¬†Snorts. ¬†But I do give you kudo’s for coming up with such an original story to get out of trouble my friend.


20130724-230407.jpgDear Bacon,
They see me rollin’ – they hatin’. ¬†What can I say? ¬†I like to make things happen like you. ¬†It beats running through the hood. ¬†I just jump my board and presto magic – I’m there with a little push from my human. ¬†Why don’t you try it? ¬†I think you would like it. ¬†It’s groovy. ¬†Signed Poochy Hawk

Dear Poochy Hawk,
I like it! ¬†Anything where I don’t have to lose a few pounds by exercising, I’m all for it my friend. ¬†I’m off now to talk to daddy about it. ¬†I pick daddy because I think *he* will go for it. ¬†Be safe and have fun. ¬†I’ll see you on the streets!


Dear Bacon,
It only takes that one word to get us all to the attention we are here in this picture. ¬†Nope it’s not the Dear Bacon issue – sorry little man. ¬†Nope it’s not the cat doing a pole dance – sorry Mouse Girl. ¬†It’s that wonderful glorious four lettered word that *ALL* of us drop everything we are doing and run to the kitchen. ¬†FOOD. ¬†We can’t help ourselves. ¬†Tell me we are not the only ones. ¬†You do the same thing too, right? ¬†Signed Cinco Foodies

Dear Cinco Foodies,
Puts head down. ¬†You are not alone my friends. ¬†It happens to the best of us. ¬†I am guilty in the first degree as well. ¬†What can we say? ¬†Food delivers us from all evil happenings. ¬†While we are eating, we can’t be up to no good? ¬†Keep up the fine work my friends.


Remember anipals Рif you have questions and pictures, continue to send them to me at  Thanks and have a great one!


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