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easyblog BYE BASHFUL

My Bashful is coming home!!

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Yesterday we had  our going-away party, then Bashful left my crib and rolled home. I was so sad! Now I’m alone again in my crib. Like a spider in a cellar.
We had a lot of fun together, I’m some wiser now, because I can speak  stonish . I liked the idea to meet one of my bloggy-friends in “pawson” or “stone-on-one” and I wish I could meet more of peeps&pets I love and  which I only know from pictures or words. Sadly the world is  a little larger than my kraal and the airline-policies are not really pet-friendly. Butt who knows sometimes they will change their  minds, at the latest when they notice that they can make a lot of wonga with fourlegged passengers who wants to travel first class and not in the cargo area. A lot of Hotels and Restaurants…

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Little Debbie Anyone?

20130724-220412.jpgI don’t think mom’s sweet tooth will be calling any time soon these days – snorts.  Mom and dad went to the market for some Little Debbie’s.  I don’t think this is what she had in mind.

She was just standing there looking at all of the different cakes trying to decide just chatting away about this and that.  Then dad said she almost jumped over the buggy into his arms.  He was completely taken off guard until he looked up and saw this guy looking out at the world.

The next thing he heard was giggles and looked over his shoulder to see a couple of boys laughing like crazy.  Then dad did the most amazingly stupid thing I’ve ever heard him do.  He walked towards the boys with mom saying, “Get em”. 

He walked up to the two lads and what did he do?  He gave them high fives.  Oh daddy.  Why do you go to the market with mom?  You always get in trouble there.  Snorts – XOXO – Bacon


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