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A Favorite Snack Food


It’s that time of the year again when the cherries are in full flourish. Mom buys them at the market because they are suppose to be good for arthritis. She says it works so during this time of the year, we always have some in the cold box.

Mom made the mistake of giving me one last year and now I’ve been hooked ever since. Thank goodness I don’t have to fight dad for these – he doesn’t care much for them.

Mom takes the stem and seed off for me and gives me the actual cherry. I could snarf down eat the entire bag if she could get the seeds out quick enough.

A little funny about cherries though. Don’t eat too many of them.

One time I ate so many of them that when I went wee wee, it was red. I thought dad was going to have to call rescue until mom remembered the cherries I ate. That was a close call. Snorts


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