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My Friends


Let me introduce you to some of my traveling buddies. This is Sir Sockalots and Mini-Me Sir Sockalots. They travel with mom in the back of her Smart car all of the time. This back space is also where I ride when I travel with mom around time. Just me and my sock monkey buddies hanging out waving at the peeps in traffic.

I mean, can you imagine (A) a small car rolls up beside you in traffic and (B) up pops a little pig with his buds oinking away at you. It has caught the attention of a few people – snorts. I almost feel like I’m on a parade float waving at the humans. Of course, mommy never gets a picture because she’s driving and her phone and camera are put down for safety. That’s a good mommy – snorts.

So, the next time you see a little blue Smart car pull up beside you, look towards the back and see if you see a little oinker snorting away and having a grand old time!


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