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Where in the World is Bashful?


This is Bashful sitting on mom’s keyboard. He actually got to spend some time with mommy before he flew out to parts unknown in the world. He’s been gone now for 6 days and *still* hasn’t shown up at his designated place of arrival. I’m thinking we are going to have to send out a search party soon. What do you think?

What if he got lost? What if people don’t understand his southern drawl when he talks? What if he got rocknapped and held for a ransom? Oh shivers to mergatroid – Bashful – are you out there? Please report in soon. 🙂


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Mommy Time Out

Usually I am the one getting into trouble at the Hotel Thompson and serving the time for the crime. But this time, it was mommy – snorts.

Apparently driving home last night from the worky place mommy got all worked up and frustrated. What takes her normally 15 minutes to get home took her 35 minutes tonight. When she got home, she went off like a firecracker on the Fourth of July. It’s very rare to see mommy like this. In fact, I really can’t remember mom having a time out. But, she did last night. Daddy sent her to her room for a time out. I’m not sure who was more shocked. Me or mommy – snorts. But it was all in good fun.

She served her time and came out after a while. Finally we all listened to mommy ramble and get everything off of her chest. I have to admit, some of it was funny. See how many of these traffic situations you’ve been against while you’ve been behind the wheel.

1. Car signals. Mommy said that they are on the car for a reason. It lets the people behind you know of your intentions when driving. I guess some people don’t understand that simple notion. They go left or right without a signal or immediately stop for no reason out of the blue. Then there are the people that turn a right signal on and then turn left or vice versa.

2. I admit this next one cracked me up. Mommy said sometimes when you are driving, people need to get in front of you for a number of different reasons. You know, coming out of a lane, a business, etc. But when you let them, the nice thing to do is to wave as a little thank you. Mommy says it totally frustrates her that a lot of times people don’t thank you. She said she would even take ‘that’ hand gesture to acknowledge her gesture of kindness. And we all know what “that” hand gesture is – snorts.

3. What’s the rush? Mommy says it is totally frustrating to have someone behind you riding your bumper. They are in such a hurry that they go around you and get in front of you just to turn at the next exit. Really? What is the rush? You saved what – 2 seconds?

Have you ever experienced these types of driving frustrations? Can you relate to mommy?


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