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Name That Product/Company and/or Jingle – Answers

Edition 4



This time, we went a little harder


Here are the answers from yesterday’s posting. How many did you get right?

  1. Taste the rainbows. Skittles
  2. Get your own box. Cheez It
  3. The most trusted name in news. CNN
  4. Look ma – no cavities! Crest
  5. We love to fly and it shows. Delta
  6. Yellow – the new brown. DHL
  7. We bring good things to life. General Electric
  8. Betcha can’t eat just one. Lays
  9. Taste so good cats ask for it by name. Meow Mix
  10. The nighttime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine. Nyquil
  11. Thanks to all that participated. I hope everyone had a great time! XOXO – Bacon


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Dear Bacon

20130601-000013.jpgDear Bacon,
Baseball is going on strong – we gotta show our love for the big A – Atlanta Braves. Come on little man – show some spirit! Signed Big A

Dear Big A,

Well, I will immediately step up to the plate and start doing that my friend. Thank you for reminding me. We do live here in Atlanta and we all most show our support to the local team – go Atlanta Braves!


Dear Bacon,
What?! You’ve never seen two cats wrestling before? Really that’s all we were doing. He’s fine – I’m just waiting for him to say uncle. Really. Signed Catweight

Dear Catweight,

Sure whatever you say. A wrestling move huh? And that’s just his front paw up saying no, right? Sure thing. Wrestling… okie dokie.



Dear Bacon,
I can’t help myself. I have a problem. Yes, I love to play in the bathroom… especially the magical unstoppable roll of paper on the rolly thing. It just spins like crazy and all of the soft paper goes on the floor. It’s hours of entertainment for me – rolling around in it, shredding it and playing non-stop with it. I need help Bacon! Signed Dog in Trouble

Dear Dog in Trouble,

Okay little guy – slowly step away from the paper and out of the bathroom. You can find fun elsewhere. That is the human’s paper. They need it for some reason when they go to their litter box. I’m not sure what they do with it but it’s important to them. So important that you don’t need to play with it. Ask your human for a new toy, go play with a pillow but never the paper on the rolly thing. If all else fails, perhaps your human will need to keep the bathroom door shut at all times. You can do this my friend. Admission for help was the first thing. I have faith in you.


Dear Bacon,
Now you know. There are no polar bears in the world. It’s just us regular black bears disguised as polar bears. Try to keep it to yourself okay. Signed Bear in a Disguise

Dear Bear in a Disguise,

NNNOOOO – that can’t be. You are joking right? There has to be polar bears. You can’t be everywhere. Smiles – you almost had me there. You’re good – real good!



Dear Bacon,

Sometimes its good to have a friend close by for that extra ‘step’ up to reach the things we can’t get ourselves. This is my friend Jack. If you ever need to borrow him, just let me know. He’ll let you stand on his back as well. Signed Sassy the Goat

Dear Sassy the Goat,

Now that is some friend. You tell Jack I said hay – snorts!

Remember friends – keep sending you pictures and questions to me at


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