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Name That Product/Company and/or Jingle

Edition 4



   This time, we are going a little harder


Let’s see how many you can get right.  Remember – don’t cheat.


  1. Taste the rainbows.
  2. Get your own box.
  3. The most trusted name in news.
  4. Look ma – no cavities!
  5. We love to fly and it shows.
  6. Yellow – the new brown.
  7. We bring good things to life.
  8. Betcha can’t eat just one.
  9. Taste so good cats ask for it by name.
  10. The nighttime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine. 

Remember – have fun with it!  Answers will be posted tomorrow – XOXO Bacon



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Shark Week – Snuffy the Seal

Have you seen the commercial for Shark Week for Discovery channel.  You do know the one I’m talking about – with Snuffy the Seal?  Snuffy has been in rehabilitation for an injury and is being released back into the wild and then OH NO!?!

I admit it.  The first time I saw this commercial I didn’t realize that it was for the beginning of Shark Week.  I was in my bedroom watching my television, behaving for a change.  The commercial came on and I was all YAY for the recovery of the cute little seal.  And then BAM!  I made water run down my leg right there on my wee wee pad in my bedroom.  Afterwards, I squealed, ran into the front room and snuggled with mommy shaking.  She didn’t know what happened.  She held me tight and soothed me down.

That’s when it happened again – the commercial came on the television in the front room.  I started shaking again… until mom/dad started talking about Shark Week.  Mommy explained to me it was just a commercial – I had nothing to fear.  But I’m going to tell you – it does take you back.

I’m attaching the video.  BE WARNED.  If you are that strong to watch, what do you think?  Shivers



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Pirate Cat



Some people have parrots and other types of birds that sit on their shoulders. Here at the Hotel Thompson, we like to do things differently. We don’t need a bird to sit on daddy’s shoulder and whisper into his ear.

NOT when you have Hemi – the pirate cat. Hemi will stand on your shoulder, purr in your ear and mock love you. And what more, daddy will let him to do it.

Really? Dad, ppsstt – Hemi is a C.A.T. He’s not suppose to be on your shoulder acting all parrot on you. He can’t learn to ‘talk’ and talk back to you… well, at least I hope not. And dad here is the biggest news flash of all – do you really want his back side so close to your face? I’ve seen what comes out that end – it’s not good. Trust me.

These animals just walk all over the humans here at the Hotel Thompson.


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