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Bacon and Eggs – Which Do You Prefer?

I know – that title probably threw you for a minute.  But knowing me, you *know* I can’t be that serious as to ‘real’ bacon on eggs, right?  Snorts.

I have my version of bacon and eggs.  I would like to know which one do you prefer.  Here are your two choices:



Choice 1 – Bacon and eggs cookies 🙂

These delicious morsels are sugar cookies with a white frosting to look like egg whites, yellow M&M for an egg yolk and two pretzels for bacon.  Yummy looking huh?


OR ————————– OR —————————– OR —————————


Choice 2 – Bacon and eggs ME

This is bacon in its rawest form – snort giggles – with eggs. I think I was around 6 weeks old here when mommy took this picture.  Never fear, those eggs didn’t get wasted after she took the picture.  She scrambled them up for me for dinner and they were delicious! 🙂


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Bashful’s New Adventure

That little Bashful is up to his next adventure.  He is going on a trip!  He has been packing his little rocksuitcase all week getting ready and has been non-stop talking about going to meet some friends.

We can’t tell you where yet – that is a surprise.  But we can tell you that he won’t just be called the ‘rolling stone’ anymore.  He will now be called the ‘international rolling stone’.

He will be gone for two weeks.  Don’t worry, his host family is going to take plenty of pictures and post them on their blog.  We will be sure to repost here as well so no one misses Bashful’s adventure.  His flight is leaving Friday so everyone please keep him in your thoughts.  It will be his (1) first flight; (2) unchaperoned flight; and (3) first time away from home without us.  We know that he is going to have a blast of a good time and will come home with all kinds of memories.

If you would like to host Bashful on an adventure (here in the states or internationally), please sure to email me at  I will put you on the list and as your date gets closer, tell you all of the details.  Be on the look out for Bashful’s adventure post coming soon my friends.

XOXO – Bacon


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