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Surprise – Don’t Miss Out!

I have a surprise for you tomorrow morning.

Nope – I’m not going to tell you what it is.  But, you shouldn’t miss out.  Tomorrow is Friday and Friday is full of piggy surprises.  If you miss out, you may hate yourself.  I’m just sayin’

So mark your calendars.  Set your alarm clocks.  Heck, you might not even want to go to bed.  It’s going to be good… real good.  Would I lie to you?  See you in the morning my friends!


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Bashful Met a Friend

Give Bashful my pet rock an inch and he will take a mile!  He was talking non-stop last night – a million miles a minute.  I couldn’t get a word in edge wise.  I didn’t want to tell him to be quiet because it was hard enough for him to come out of his shell and start talking.  But once he did, WOW!  That little booger can talk!  About everything and anything.

I finally sent him outside to play with the other stones.  How many times have you sent your child outside to play to have them come back in with ‘friends’.  You know what I mean.  ‘Friends’ as in caterpillars, snakes, frogs, bugs, etc.

Bashful was no exception.  He came back in with his new friend – Caterpillar.  That rock has no fear!  I think he would talk a bear to sleep.  So meet Squiggles – Bashful’s new friend.  Cute, huh?




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Do You Know “WE”?

Do you know this “we” person?  Mom and dad talk about him a LOT here at the Hotel Thompson.  It usually starts out with mom saying something along the lines of, “We need to do this.”  Then dad steps in and threatens to beat up We if he ever finds him.  Who is this We person?  Apparently he is not one of dad’s favorite guys.  Do you know who he is?

The funniest thing happened last night though.  Mom said the following to dad, “You need to take this out.”  Dad stopped in his tracks and looked at her.  With the most serious look on his face he told her that “You” must be related to “We” and he’s on his list too.  Now, he was smiling at mom and no way upset with her.  It’s just We and You that get him.

Shakes piggy head.  I don’t get it.  Who are these two people that make daddy hate them so much?  Do you know them?


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