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A Favorite Video of Me!

I know sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m a little pig in a big world but I am. I try to have fun with every day life and I *never* take anything too serious. Most days – I’m just snorting my way through life and enjoying every moment here at the Hotel Thompson. I like to think that I have mommy wrapped right around my hooves – just where I want her. That’s a good thing cause you know well she treats me just like her little baby.

I thought I would share one of my all time favorite videos that mom took of me not too long ago. It’s a great video if I do say so myself. You know about the old country past time of ‘tipping a cow’? Well, here at the Hotel Thompson we have some of the simple fun times as well. Mom likes to ‘tip the pig’. I know that sounds kind of nasty but it’s really not. It just means that she likes to tip me. Okay – still not sounding too good, huh? Why don’t I just show you the video so you understand. Enjoy my friends!


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Monday – You’re a Stalker!

Monday – we really need to talk.  Why oh why must you stalk me every week?  I think the only other person that hates you more is mommy.  Where does the weekend go and why does it have to go so quickly!?  It seems like just yesterday I was all snuggled up in mom’s arms and now BOOM – it’s time to go to work.  We need a longer weekend here at the Hotel Thompson.

This is how mom found me this morning.  I slept in and didn’t wake her for the worky place.  I kept trying to pull the blankie back over my head and she kept pulling it up.  It was kind of a test of wills until she said those magical words that I love to hear come from her lips – “Breakfast Bacon”.

I shot off out of my bed and into the kitchen before she could get out of my bedroom.  Someone say food?  This little oinker is there!



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