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This Little Piggy is Just a Tad Jealous

Now, I’m not saying I’m green with envy but I am just a tad bit jealous of Albert, mom’s little Smart car.  Mom/dad took Albert out to swim today with the big kids.  Can you believe that?  He didn’t even have to wear floaties.  Aren’t you shocked?

They said he was big enough now to go out on road trips and it was raining pretty hard today.  They took him for a spin on the highway.  What fun that had to be!  Mom and dad said they got up to 70 miles per hour and Albert was having a ball.

Maybe one day soon when I overcome my anti-nature stance, I can go out and play too in the rain with the big boys?  Ya’ll know I’m playing and just having fun.  Albert’s a cool friend. 


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Hot Dog Eating Contest – YAY!

What better way to celebrate a holiday then to have an awesome eating competition.  I saw the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest last year on television and was pigstruck!  Every year, this competition is held on Coney Island in Brookyln, New York on July 4th.  And, what better month to celebrate but in July when it is National Hot Dog month.  I would just *love* to be there to watch in person… and maybe compete.

Twenty competitors stand behind a 30 foot long table and chow down against each other.  They have a short ten minutes (which I’m sure seems like forever to them!) to eat as many hot dogs and buns as they possibly can.  A designated score keeper stands behind each competitor and keeps up with how many hot dogs/buns each person is eating by holding up a sign for each person showing the number of dogs consumed. 

Over the past several years, Joey Chestnut has won for the United States.  Last year, he ate a total of 68 hot dogs/buns.  The year before in 2011, he ate a total of 62 hot dogs/buns.

And, did you know that women are also in this competition?  Over the past several years, Sonya Thomas – AKA Black Widow – has also won for the United States.  Last year, she ate a total of 45 hot dogs/buns.  The year before in 2011, she ate a total of 40 hot dogs/buns.

Here’s a picture of both of them –


Now I understand that competitor eaters are trained. But I have to tell you, I’m a natural born competitor eater.  Look at this body – I am *made* for this competition… of course with beef hot dogs.  I bet you I could do a big hurt on some of those dogs and at least tie Joey Chestnut.

I may have to venture outside into nature in the backyard when mom/dad grill our hot dogs this afternoon.  You know, just to see if any of them just ‘happen’ to fall off the grill.  Perhaps I can start my very own neighborhood eating competition for my four legged friends.  Who’s in with me?

XOXO – Bacon


Note:  picture taken from Internet


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Independence Day


Journalist Rocky the Squirrel –

Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world!



Today is July 4th – the birthday of our nation. On this day, we celebrate and enjoy the freedom that comes with the event that made this day so special.  Do you know how this date originated?  Here’s a little background information for you:

 Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence and led a committee that crafted the declaration between June 11-28, 1776. Jefferson and other representatives from the thirteen colonies voted and approved it on July 4, 1776. The document declared freedom for the 13 colonies from British rule. Thus, July 4th is known as Independence Day in the United States. The actual Declaration of Independence is in the Exhibition Hall of the National Archive in Washington, D.C.

And here’s a little bit of trivia knowledge to WOW some of your friends.  The Declaration of Independence didn’t actually get all of the signatures by the representatives until August 1776.  The President of the Continental Congress, John Hancock, had to sign it to make it official.  Have you ever heard of the saying, “Put your John Hancock on it?”  Now, you know where the saying originated from.

Today we enjoy this day by celebrating our freedom.  It’s a time for some good old fashioned baseball, hot dogs and family picnics.  Throw in some parades and fireworks and it becomes a holiday with a bang!

Happy Birthday, America!


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