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Snorticles –


Sometimes I find the funniest things on line when I’m surfing the net late at night. Some people have some really great imaginations. I’m not sure who came up with some of these, but they are hilarious. And with me loving commercials, I could place some of the innuendo’s and some of them mom had to explain to me.


This cat reminds me of Hemi here at the Hotel Thompson. I’ve seen Hemi do this exact some pose here in front of the fireplace. You know, like he just can’t do another thing because he’s either (A) so tired or (B) so stressed. I mean really, what does he have to be stressed about? He can quit being tired if he would quit chasing this little pig around the Hotel Thompson and slapping my behinny. I’m just saying – PLOL (pig laughing out loud) . This little pig is made for LOVING not for slapping the hindquarters. Those extra digits hurt.




And this one I just snorted over and over. I got the meaning of this one really quick because I ‘used’ to tweet. It took too much time away from my wonderful friends here. And we all know that my friends here come first.

If it wasn’t for you, I would be a lonely little pig on line. And hey, they haven’t made a Pig Harmony yet that I can sign up for – snorticles.

Have a great Saturday my friends.

Hogs and Snout Kisses – Bacon


P.S. these pictures were found on they Internet.


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