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Vortex Therapy


Mom/dad are forever going out to restaurants. There is a particular one called the Vortex that has awesome hamburgers – well, that’s what dad says anyway. This little piggy wouldn’t know… stomping piggy hooves.


This is an actual matchbook that they have at the Vortex. For some reason, I found it totally hilarious. I told mom/dad that too.


They said if I thought this was funny then they had to show me the actual entrance to the restaurant. Now, that is funny! It kind of scares you but kind of intrigues you. You know what I mean. What do you think? Would you enter the unknown into this restaurant?

It does look intimidating but they do say the food is awesome! This is the entrance to the Vortex at Little Five Points in Georgia. I do believe it’s a really creative entrance. You?


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