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Happy Hump Day

One of my favorite past times at the Hotel Thompson is watching commercials.  I just love them!  You can find me in my bedroom watching them on my television all of the time.  What?  Don’t all piggies have a bedroom of their own furnished with cable.. let alone Netflix?  Have mercy on their souls if they don’t.  *I* can’t live without my luxuries at the Hotel Thompson.  Can you imagine ‘me’ without my laptop or iPad.  How would I ever keep in touch with my cyber friends?  But, that’s probably a posting for another day.  Let’s get back to the commercials.

I love them.  I watch them all of the time.  I have my favorites.  Today, my favorite is the one from Geico.  I have to admit Geico has a really good advertising company that produces their commercials.   

They’ve come up from everything from the gecko that talks – to a caveman can do it – to my friend Maxwell now going out on dates!  And we all know why *I* like Maxwell.  Because he’s funny!  But I have to say that yesterday I saw the one that tops almost all of them.  It takes you a few minutes to figure it out but once you do – you will be PRAOTFL (pig rolling all over the floor laughing) as well.  Oinks out to a job well done Geico!  Let me know what ya’ll think – XOXO – Bacon











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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

Of the entire house, my favorite spot to sit while the humans are at work is in the kitchen sink.  I know it seems weird but it’s perfect to overlook my kingdom outside.  Plus if I get thirsty, I can turn on the tap and get a little drink.  What do you think?  Where is your favorite place to overlook your kingdom?  Signed Sink Pooch

Dear Sink Pooch,

Well my friend, I’m not one to judge.  If you like the sink, go for the sink.  If your humans are good with it, go for it.  It does look as if it does give you full access to your viewing pleasure.  I like to sit in the front room in front of the clear storm door.  I can see outside into nature – over my kingdom – and the creature that are out there.  This is good for me because I don’t want nature ‘touching’ me.  I don’t mind the sun that shines in, that’s refreshing. Bugs, small creatures and grass – shivers to this little pig.  



Dear Bacon,

This is my favorite toy to play with in the entire playground!  During the day when no one is looking, I will wobble down the play equipment and play on it while the kids are at school.  It’s so much fun!  Signed Panda Toy

Dear Panda Toy,

That does look like so much fun!  I wonder if I get on one to play?  I wonder if this pot belly will allow or my short legs would touch the ground?  Off to draw some pictures to see.  Thanks my friend – have fun rocking!



Dear Bacon,

I’ve been reading your blogs for sometime now and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate them.  You give away some really sound advice and seem very caring.  I like that.  Sorry for the bag over my head.  I’m in the doggy witness protection program so I can’t show my face.  I hope you understand.  Carry on my friend.  Signed Underbagcover

Dear Underbagcover,

Thank you so much my friend for the words.  I really do appreciate them.  It makes this little piggy feel good that I really get to touch some lives for the better.  I have to ask though and I know others are going to think the same thing… what does a dog have to ‘see’ or turn over evidence on to get in the doggy witness protection program?  hhhmmm



Dear Bacon,

I just had to share what the humans do to me.  I think it border lines cruelty.  They play the piggy game with me… this little piggy went to the market; this little piggy went home; this little piggy went whee whee whee.  It tickles – stop it!  Signed Laugh Bear

Dear Laugh Bear,

I don’t get it.  What’s so funny about those sayings?  Looks down at hooves – they’re hooves not piggies.  Shakes head and walks off to ask mom.


20130428-203904.jpgDear Bacon,

What?  You never saw a monkey with it’s legs crossed sitting in a tree pondering life?  I mean all of the great philosophers did some heavy thinking.  What’s the difference with me?  Signed Aristotle

Dear Aristotle,

There is no difference.  You carry on and keep having those deep thoughts.  When you get them all together, please share with me so we can have a deep discussion.  I have heavy thoughts at times as well my friend.


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