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Happy Friday!!

We made it through another week – what a wonderful feeling!  Today is a good day to have a good day – remember that as you venture into this Friday.

I hope everyone has some wonderful plans for the weekend.  Weekends at the Hotel Thompson means that mom is home from the worky place which means extra snuggles for me.  I so can’t wait.  Even though it was a short week here with the holiday, it seemed like it took forever for Friday to get here! 

Mom/dad are going to the store tomorrow so I can’t wait to see what kind of wonderful new foods they bring home for me to try. 

Whatever your plans are, have a safe and happy weekend!



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Midnight Munchie Monster

Sometimes in the middle of the night, it hits you. It starts low in your belly and works its way up until it starts talking to you. The Midnight Munchie Monster HITS you just like that. It happens to all of us right out of the blue.

I know it’s hit mom in the middle of the night. I’ve heard her rumbling around in the kitchen digging for something – anything – quick to tame the monster. Then, once it’s tamed, it goes away just like that at a snap of a finger. Such a relief!

Well last night, it happened to me. I thought I was being possessed for a moment. My tummy was making sounds that I’ve never heard of before. It was almost like the scene from Little Shop of Horrors … “Feed me Seymour!

I wondered around the room for a bit tap dancing on my floor pacing back and forth. Then I would go to my door and kind of snort around hoping mom would be awake to come help me. That didn’t work so I started calling for her by making different sounds in my throat.

She finally heard me and came to my rescue. When she opened my bedroom door, I made a beeline to the kitchen area to the big magical box where the humans keep all of the wonderful food. Mom came into the kitchen laughing asking me if the Midnight Munchie Monster got to me. I was like I don’t know what it is called but get rid of it now please look to her. Mom opened the magical food box and got me an apple. She couldn’t slice that thing up fast enough!

She finally gave it to me and it was like heaven! I could finally hear the Midnight Munchie Monster waving good bye and thanks for the food little man. That was a close call! It’s never hit me like that before. And you know what. I don’t want it to hit me again like that! From now on, mom is going to have to make sure I get a bigger bedtime snack to keep the monsters away!

Have you ever been visited by the Midnight Munchie Monster? Please share. Tell me it doesn’t only visit the Hotel Thompson. It has to make other house calls besides ours.

XOXO – Bacon


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