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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

My humans think I have been watching Merkat Manor too much.  I don’t know why they would think that?  It’s one of my favorite shows.  Have you watched it?  Signed Sitting Tall

Dear Sitting Tall,

Snort – I have no idea where your humans would get that you were watching too much Merkat Manor.  I mean, you sit really tall for a d.o.g.  I haven’t watched the show myself but Bashful loves the Animal Planet.  Follow your heart my friend – follow your heart!



Dear Bacon,

We get a lot of snow and unlike you I have to go out in nature to do my business.  I don’t understand why the neighbors don’t think I’m friendly.  I come over to the gate to get their attention so they will pet me.  I haven’t had any takers though.  What is wrong with me?  Signed Tiny

Dear Tiny,

I see there is a LOT of snow there on the ground my friend.  With the several inches in that snow, the fence being so low and well you being so ‘friendly’ in trying to get their attention, maybe that has something to do with the neighbors not wanting to come over and pet you.  It’s their loss.  Don’t let it get to you.  They just can’t handle all of the dog that you are.  Stay friendly my pooch!



Dear Bacon,

Don’t even ask.  This is just the way I am.  I get so many comments and remarks that it’s not even funny.  Signed Twisted.

Dear Twisted,

You know you sound like it bothers you.  Don’t let it bother you – embrace it.  When mom drives her little Smart car, people stare at her all of the time, pointing and laughing.  She just embraces it.  No sense in letting that worry you.  Embrace the skin you’re given and go with it.  You’ll be a lot happier with yourself ((HOGS AND KISSES))



Dear Bacon,

My human – he is the smartest thing since the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) show.  He made me this little skateboard to have fun with.  Isn’t it the greatest?!  So psyched!  Signed TMNT in Training

Dear TMNT in Training,

That is totally fab!  I’m so jealous.  I wanna skateboard too – not that I could look as cool as you.  I would probably fall down A LOT – but it would be so neat!  Be safe and have fun!  High fives to your human.


20130417-084326.jpgDear Bacon,

You’ve posted a picture of yourself in the past when you were small next to a Pepsi can.  I’m more of a Coke can myself.  I think I was smaller than you.  What do you think?  Signed Big Bark.

Dear Big Bark,

You are adorable my friend.  Personally mom prefers the Coke over the Pepsi as well.  It’s just when I was on the farm, that’s all they had for comparison.  As far as cuteness, it’s like comparing oranges to apples and apples to oranges.  We’re just different and that makes us both cute next to our cans.


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On the Road with Bashful!

OUT AND ABOUT WITH BASHFUL… the rolling stone





Greetings my friends!!  My name is Bashful and most of you know me as Bacon’s pet rock.  I’ve really grown attached to living at the Hotel Thompson and I like to think I’ve come into my own here.  I’ve been working with Bacon and mom/dad in what I can bring to the table.  I wanted to do something because everyone kind of participates here in Bacon’s blog – even the purr things.  Well, we all put our heads together and come up with “Out and About with Bashful… the rolling stone”.   I’m going to get to go on field trips all over the place and then report back with pictures on what I did.  This is my first in a long series.  I hope you enjoy and please leave comments – I love to hear from you!


This past weekend, mom/dad took me for a small field trip to Wally World.  You probably know it better as Walmart.  But don’t let me get too ahead of myself.  I got to ride in the Smart car.  That was so much fun!  Here I am playing on the front windshield.  You can see me in the  middle near the wipers.  I thought it was a hoot hanging out here until mom/dad got ready.  I like this car – it’s small like me! 

Dad eventually told me I had to get down.  He was afraid that mom was going to turn on the wipers and send me flying across the yard.  That would have been fun… well except for the landing.  The landing would have sucked.  Oops, I gotta put a pebble in the swear jar.




So finally, I got into the little Smart car.  Did you know there is a great spot for me to sit right there on the dash?  It was the coolest thing.  It was like it was made for little me.  I was thrilled… that is until mom took the corner and I went flying on the floorboard near dad’s feet.  I shook myself off and realized that it was kind of fun to go “WHEE WHEE” at a high speed.  Mom said I couldn’t do that again.  I could lose an eye doing something like that.  So, I got buckled in for the rest of the trip.




Before you knew it, we were at Wally World!!  I’ve heard about this place but had never been.  Mom/dad put me in the buggy for the ride – I didn’t know there would be rides at the store!  I was so excited. 

My very first field trip.  Half of the fun was in getting there.  You’ll have to stay tuned in what got me in trouble at Wally World.  I was bad – but I was a good bad – hee hee.

Hope you enjoyed my little teaser. 

Toodles – Bashful


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