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A Message from Bashful

Hello fellow friends of Bacon.  My name is Bashful and most of you know me by now.  I’m Bacon’s pet rock.  Yep, even he has his own pet.  Sometimes when he is napping, I get to play on his computer.  I’m a smart rock like that.  I found Sir Pig a Rock <to the right> when I was surfing the net today.  Isn’t he the cutest?!  I think Bacon would have a little oink fest if he got to meet Sir Pig a Rock.  I have an email out to him to see if he travels on field trips to come for a visit. 

I’m really digging my new life here at the Hotel Thompson.  There is always something going on and everyone is so nice and friendly.  The purr things love to play with me and push me around the house.  It’s really a fun game.  We even play hide and seek a lot.  Sometimes I win when I hide in the litter box or the fish tank.

The purr things even got me a t-shirt to wear and I love it.  Bacon is not too sure about it but it’s so soft!  Bacon says it has a double meaning from what “I” think it means and what the purr things think it means.  I’m not sure what he means by all of that – confused rock here.

I have some exciting adventures coming up in the next couple of weeks.  I’m getting to go on some field trips with Bacon’s mom and dad.  They have a list of places that I have to go see and report back to Bacon.  I can’t wait – I’m pretty excited about it.  Bacon said that it would be a learning experience.  He wants me to post about it so everyone can see what I’ve been doing.  I’ll be sure to do that. 

Thanks for listening to me rumble.  Have a great rock of the day!  Bashful


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