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I Be Running

20130409-084410.jpgComing out of hibernation can be so hard!  I can feel the warmer weather outside and it’s starting to make me a little frisky.  Last night, I ran and ran throughout the house.  I like to treat the halls and rooms at the Hotel Thompson as my personal play ground and exercise gym.

There’s always a method to my play time.  There’s a fuzzy blanket in my bedroom.  I have to go in there first and stretch said fuzzy blanket across the floor.  It’s a king size blanket and when I stretch it, it almost touches wall to wall – snort.  Then I have to go into the front room and take my king size Egyptian cotton sheet and stretch it out across the front room floor.  Then, it’s game time!

I run down the hall, do a lap around my room and high tail it back down the hall to the front room.  Once I’m in the front room, I do an about face and high tail it back down the hall to my bedroom and repeat the process.  I go back and forth and forth and back usually about five to six times.  Then when I’m tired, huffing and puffing, I jump and slide across my blanket rolling myself up in it.  I rest for a few and then repeat the process in my bedroom. 

Mom caught this picture above on my final tromp throughout the Hotel Thompson.  I was so tired that I threw myself down on the floor breathing like there was no tomorrow.  Mom actually thought I was going to have a little piggy heart attack.  She stretched out on the floor with me and started talking to me trying to calm me down.  I was talking to her too.  It’s hard coming out of hibernation from the winter!


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