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MMIA (Mom Missing in Action)

If you know anything about me, I am all about my little routine here at the Hotel Thompson. I like to keep to my schedule and know what to expect each day. This past week, a monkey wrench was thrown in that schedule and mom went missing. Yep, that’s right. I said mom went MISSING.

I say missing because routine things that “we” do together didn’t happen…like mommy/piggy time. And for the most part, mommy didn’t go to the worky place. I didn’t see her much around the house but I knew she was there. I could smell her scent and I could hear something that kind of sounded like mommy. I just didn’t see her.


Early last week, I posted that mom was sick. It takes a lot for mom to say she’s sick so when she made herself a doctors appointment, daddy knew she must be feeling really, really bad. After they got back from the doctors appointment, mom looked worse, very pale and shaky. Daddy got her to bed and started all of her medicines. He said that she was going to stay in the bedroom to get plenty of rest and to keep the germs away from me. Daddy assured me he was taking good care of her for me.

There was a couple of late nights that I could hear mom coughing so hard and I think I even heard her crying one night. Finally Sunday, the bedroom door opened and mom came out. I wanted to run over to her and knock her down but daddy told me to wait. She looked weak and shaky so I waited until she sat down on the sofa. Then, I had to go see her. I couldn’t get enough! She hugged me so hard. I kept ‘talking’ to her and telling her how much I missed her all week. I mean daddy took care of me but no one can replace mommy.

Mommy is finally getting better. Her voice sounds really weird which kind of intrigues me. She’s even suppose to go back to that worky place today. I just hope that she doesn’t overdo it. We can’t have mommy sick again – ever!


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