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Dear Huckleberry Finn – Special Edition

My great friend Huckleberry Finn at has stepped in to do a special edition of Dear H Finn. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. That little H Finn has a great sense of humor. Big thanks out to H Finn and his mom Courtney for this special edition! We hope that you will do it again in the future ((HOGS AND KISSES))

Dear H. Finn,
I built a fort-nest in a nearby tree and hid up here during a routine game of hide and seek. I’m now stuck and am scared to climb down. Can you help me? Signed Acrophobic Elephant

Dear Acrophobic Elephant,
Elephants don’t belong in trees silly! If there’s water below the tree I think you could jump and have a comfortable landing. Next time I suggest finding a hiding spot firmly planted on the ground.


Dear H. Finn,

I’m a happy-go-lucky, relaxed type of dog but my face crinkles often makes me look like I’m perpetually concerned or worried.  Have you ever experienced this? Signed Carefree Canine

Dear Carefree Canine,
My oinks and grunts sometimes give off the perception that I’m angry when I’m actually happy. I’ve learned to not care what anyone else things and try extra hard to smile.


Dear H.Finn,
How cool is my handstand? After hours of yoga practice I’ve finally mastered it (with the help of the walls in the window nook)! You piggies might be gifted in most areas, but us felines are stepping up our game. Signed Sunshine Upside-Down Cat
Dear Sunshine Upside-Down Cat,
Way to go!!! Your yoga handstand is really cool. You are certainly much bendier than this little piggy. I tried to do yoga once but being in the sunshine makes me want to lay down and take a nap. Namaste



Dear H.Finn,
Ever since I was a little pup, I’ve wanted to join the circus. I tried tightrope walking, juggling and fire breathing before finding my true gift! Now I just need to find a circus with an opening. Signed The Performing Pooch
Dear Performing Pooch,
I’ve never been to a circus before but I would love to see a talented pup like you take the stage. You are very creative and I’m sure you will find a circus to join. Let me know when you’re in town so I can buy a ticket.



Dear H.Finn,
Sometimes I can be a bad boy and throughout the years have committed more crimes than I care to admit. I’m now a dog on the run and wear this disguise in order to be incognito. I love everything about my outfit, except my wig can get a little itchy when it gets hot outside. Any suggestions? Signed Anonymous
Dear Anonymous,
I give you mad props for being able to tolerate such an elaborate disguise. I can barely stand to wear a collar on a good day. If your wig is giving you the itches, I’d take it off and tie your bandanna closer to your face. Or you could ditch the costume and turn yourself in. No matter what you’ve done, it can’t be that bad.


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