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Mom – The Scared Human

20130319-083418.jpgI know mommy is going to be mad when I post this but I just have to! Mommy is a HUGE Mickey Mouse lover. I mean H.U.G.E. A couple of weeks ago, daddy put this new shower curtain up in the bathroom. It was an awesome gesture and mommy fell in love with it. There’s matching hooks across the top of the curtain and a rug. I watched daddy put it up and tried to help. Mom was esctastic when she saw it.

Here’s the funny part… which I’m sure mom doesn’t think it’s funny. Last night, mom got up to go to the bathroom. She left all of the lights off until she got to the bathroom. She was kind of half asleep and half awake. I heard her get up but that was normal.

What wasn’t normal was the hideous scream she let out. I jumped up and grunted. Dad jumped up and ran down the hall. Mom had flipped the light switch on in the bathroom and saw the Mickey Mouse and thought someone was standing in the bathroom. Needless to say, she didn’t have to go to the bathroom anymore – snort PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud). Poor mom.


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