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Mom is Sick


Mom is in quarantine. She is icky sick. She has been banned to her room with the door short. This is me all lonely on the couch all by myself.

Daddy is taking care of me and mommy. I know she’s in her room and I want to see her but daddy says not until she’s feeling a little bit better. He says she has a achy feeling, throat hurts, hard to talk running a temp kind of thing. It sounds yucky to me.

I hope she gets better soon!!


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

They are right when they say the eyes are the first to go. These days, I’m having to wear glasses just to get around the neighborhood. I know other dogs make fun of me and it kind of hurts my feelings. What should I do? Signed Four Doggy Eyes

Dear Four Doggy Eyes,

Hey guy, if it helps you to see I wouldn’t care what other dogs think about it. One day, they are going to experience problems as well. They are being doggy bullies and you know what. Bullying is totally unacceptable in any form in any way – humans or animals. Hold your head up high my friend. Wear those great looking glasses with pride!


20130319-114747.jpgAround these parts, they call me Sheriff Groucho. I love protecting my house and yard wearing my outfit. Sometimes, the humans even walk me through the neighborhood and so I can protect and serve other animals in the hood. It’s what I do. Signed Sheriff Groucho

Dear Sheriff Groucho,

Hey, I like the look. I think it’s great that you are taking care of your neighborhood like that. If only other animals great and small would take charge and take back their own neighborhoods, it would be a wonderful place to live. Almost like Mr. Rogers neighborhood. I could see me living there.

Keep up the great work my friend. I think you deserve a pat on the back and a good job well done!


20130319-114802.jpgDear Bacon,

You talk about your mommy reading you bedtime stories all of the time. I like to read my own. I especially like Dr Seuss Go Dog Go. Have you read it? Signed Smart Pooch

Dear Smart Pooch,

I haven’t heard of that book. I’m going to have to get mom to get a copy so she can read it to me one night. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I love how you hold your book. I only wish my hooves could accomodate that move.


20130319-114824.jpgDear Bacon,

You know riding a hog is just not for the humans – no pun intended. Sometimes on nice days outside, I like to jump my bike and ride. I like to feel the wind going over my body. Do you like to ride? Signed Harley the Frog


Dear Harley the Frog,

I like that bike. I absolutely love the color. Your legs are a tad bit longer than mine. I have short legs unfortunately. It would be fun to feel the wind blowing through my hair though. I may have to see what I can do about that. Keep riding my friend and stay safe.


20130319-114959.jpgDear Bacon,

Some days, it doesn’t pay to even get out of bed. On this day in fact, I went from on top of the bed to under the bed. I just passed out and slept until the world was nicer to me. Do you ever have those days? Signed Pooch in Life

Dear Pooch in Life,

I do have days where I go back to my bed until I feel better. It’s not every day. It just seems like some days Mother Nature is out to get you and throws lemons at you. Instead of passing it on to the humans, I sleep it off as well. I don’t have the back sleeping going on like you do but it looks comfortable!


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Hemi and Daddy Time

20130220-081052.jpgThis is Hemi and Daddy spending some quality time last night after dinner.  Daddy says this is what happens when dinner is really good – you pass out.  I can relate.  I’ve had dinners like that where mom has went way beyond out of the way.

Dad started playing his Angry Bird game on the Ipad.  Of course, Hemi was supervising and helping to ‘swat’ thost pesky little squawkers.  The next thing you knew, dads head as well as Hemi’s started slowly going down.

I just happen to have mom’s camera phone since she was washing the dishes.  Snort – they talk about me snoring – LOL


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