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I’m Moving to Hollywood!

Maxwell’s agent called me and gave me the great news this morning. I’m so excited. Mom and dad are excited as well. We are all packing and preparing for the move cross country. YAY!!

I’m going to be in Hollywood! You’re going to see my name in lights. I’m going to be a STAR like I was meant to be.

So I guess, this will be my last post. 😦

Just joking! You can’t get rid of me that fast! There is no way I could leave my friends here. Ya’ll mean the world to me. You let my inner pig come out and play. I love you all each and every one for listening to me and my rambling thoughts! Happy April Fools Day my friends!


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Bashful Revealed

20130325-100220.jpgBashful has *finally* opened his eyes here at the Hotel Thompson and gotten adjusted.  This is his first picture with his eyes wide open.  He was goofing off on one of my blankets.  If you look close, you can see a natural smile.  He tells me he is so happy here.

He is looking forward to some adventures here.

If you have any questions for the little guy, send him a message at

I’ll make sure he gets them and responds. 

He has a few things coming up in the next couple of weeks.  I’m sure the little tyke is going to have a rock of a time!


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