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Happy Easter!


my dear friends


I love Easter.  I love everything about it.  I love the fun.  I love the excitement.  I love it all!  Mom makes is so special for all of us.  Mom gave the purr things their little basket.  She was going to take a picture of it but too late – they got to it.  There was little pieces of grass everywhere from their straw basket.  They got cat treats, a bag of Iams – their favorite, a couple of play mice and other toys.  They were happy.  Of course, like cats they played with the basket the most – go figure huh?  Silly purr things.



Dad got Angry Bird eggs.  Aren’t they freaking adorable?!  AND, they were rather easy to make – well so mommy said.  I watched in amazement and gave her pointers.  Dad said they were almost too cute to eat.  But like me – in matters of the tummy, the tummy wins.  Darn that tummy and trying to keep our figures!


And me?  You asked what did the Easter Bunny bring me?  ALL kinds of goodies.  20130312-101826.jpg


I got a pot full of my special treats.


Animal crackers – yes the convenient size – snort.  Yellow squash, eggplant, carrots, oranges, apples and there was some raisins in the bottom of the bucket too.  YUMMY – this pig struck the gold mine!  I think personally the Easter Bunny likes me the best, don’t you?  But I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. 


And we can’t forget about Bashful.  Mom helped me send the Easter bunny a letter letting him know what Bashful liked.  I mean, this is his FIRST Easter – he has to have a great one like I did, right?  The nice Easter bunny came through – this is what Bashful got in his basket –

Needless to say, Bashful was so excited about his treats that he was speechless.  I just love that little guy!  We’re off now to eat some of our treats.

Happy Easter!


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