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Dear Management at the Hotel Thompson

20130319-122440.jpgDear Management of the Hotel Thompson,

It is with great sadness that I feel the need to write this letter.  Room service and snacks have been a great disappointment on the weekends.  It seems to me that the entire weekend service has gone down.  During the week, I have no issues.  It is strictly on schedule and you know how I am about my little piggy routine.  On the other hand, the weekends seem to have no routine.

I’m fine with breakfast being late.  Heck, we all like to sleep in a little on the weekends.  However, it seems that with a late breakfast, there is no room service of a mid morning snack.  The shock of that!  My little piggy system can’t take a missed meal.  With this rate, I’m going to shrivel up to nothing soon. 


And with weekends, I’m suppose to get a lot of piggy/mommy time.  What’s up with leaving this pig all alone for a couple of hours?  Am I going to have to report this establishment to PFACS (Pig Family and Children Services).  I don’t think I’m old enough to be left all alone.  What if something happens?  My hooves don’t help me when I need to push buttons on the telephone.  Maybe you need to get me a lifeline medical alert just in case something happens and I need to push a button.  What if I fall and can’t get up? 

Also, what’s up with this manual pig labor on Sundays?  I’m being made to help ‘clean’ my room.  I thought that was what turn down service was all about.  I actually have to pull my blanket to the laundry room to be washed.  The horrors of that.  That’s free piggy labor.  I don’t even get an allowance or anything. 

Please management of the Hotel Thompson, can you please address these issues and take them to heart.  Just make a few changes?

Signed, You’re well behaved pig – you’re favorite pet – you’re baby, Bacon


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A Fun Weekend With Bashful

Bashful is getting adjusted to his life here at the Hotel Thompson.  It is different from living in Florida where he came from.  He’s still a little bit camera shy but he should be getting over that soon.  I told him that mommy likes to snap pictures like a tourist at Walt Disney World to document everything and anything.  Be patient with him – he will get there soon and I’ll be posting pictures of my him.



For the first couple of days, he wouldn’t eat.  We couldn’t understand why.  Mom tried everything and I even gave him some of my food but he just wouldn’t eat.  We were really getting worried.  I got mom to call his rockatrician.  He recommended rock food.  Of course, why didn’t I think of that?!  I asked mom and dad to go to the store to get some and they came back with this box.  Don’t you know I can’t get the little booger to stop eating now!  I’m so glad we figured out what was wrong so he didn’t starve to death!


The past couple of days me and Bashful have just talked up a storm in getting to know each other.  I found out that his dad is a rolling stone and his mom is a pebble in a creekbed.  What a combination!  That accounts for his soft skin.

He does like to listen to music and watch television.  He likes to hear classical rock when we go to bed.  He says it helps him to relax.  I found that it helps me too.  He has also found a fascination with the cartoon the Flintstones.  He says it brings him fond memories with them living in Bedrock. 


We are working hard on house training the little fellow.  He had one accident over the weekend on the carpet.  I explained to him that it was unacceptable here at the Hotel Thompson.  I’ve told him to watch me when I go in my room on my potty patch.  It’s a work in progress.  Hopefully soon, he won’t have any problems whatsoever. 

He’s also getting along with the purr things here, Hemi and Mouse Girl.  That’s good because I was afraid if he would be aggressive and try to bite them.  But nope, he acts like he’s been here forever.  Mouse Girl has even taken to him a little which is great. 

He’s been sleeping in bed with me but mom said she might get him a little bed of his own.  I’m worried about rolling over him and suffocating him.  Mom says he’s tougher than what he looks but I don’t want to push it and hurt him. 

The other night after he finally went to sleep, I got on the computer and found this funny cartoon.  I thought I would share with you.  Just remember, be patient with Bashful – I’ll get ya’ll some pictures soon.


The picture says it all – PLOL (Piggy Laughing out Loud). Bashful is a little pee shy.  I told him we were family and there was nothing to be shy about around here.  We talk about everything and there are no secrets with mom and dad. 

Hope everyone has a great and happy Monday –

XOXO – Bacon


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