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Facts About ME – Little Ole Me – Snort

I get emails that often ask me questions.  I thought I would take a minute to explore some of them with you 🙂

I am slightly spoiled at the Hotel Thompson.  Okay, I admit it.  Fully spoiled at the Hotel Thompson.  But that’s fine.  As long as everyone knows that my needs come first, all is good – snort.

Nope, mom and dad do not have the two legged variety of children, just me and the two purr things (Mouse Girl and Hemi).  So yes, they give us a lot of attention and we act like their ‘children’ per say.  Well, almost like regular children… we don’t ask for money, the car keys and the happening clothes.  But, we do suck money out of them in terms of toys, room accessories, food, and in my part – a laptop, Netflix, television, etc. – SNORT PLOL (pig laughing out loud)


I am a real, genuine pig.  In fact, I am a miniature pot bellied pig.  Mom adopted me at 3 weeks old.  I weighed a mere ONE pound when she got me.  I was a little runt.  Hard to image this handsome body being that small huh?

Mom turned one of the guest rooms at the Hotel Thompson into my room – the Sweet and Sour Pork Pad.  I have it decorated accordingly.  I have a flat screen television in my room connected to cable.  I have a DVD player and I also have a Netflix account.  Yes, I love watching television.  It helps to calm my inner beast.

Mom tucks me into my bed every night.  She then reads me a story, sings me to sleep or we watch a short cartoon together.  My favorite sheet that I drag everywhere and sleep with every night is a king size Egyptian cotton sheet.  I love that sheet!  What – this pig deserves nice things too.  It’s soft on my little belly and comforts me. 

When mom goes to the worky place, dad takes care of me.  He stays at home to tend to my needs and trust me I can be the King of Needs – snort.  No, really dad is really a good guy.  He is visually impaired and I keep trying to talk him into getting me to be his seeing eye pig but I don’t think he’s going to go for it.  I’ll never stop trying though!

A lot of people ask me about mom.  Who is she.  What does she look like.  Is she nice.  Does she really love me.  Well, I have her wrapped right around my hooves where I want her.  She is mine.  We have a special bond and have since the day we both saw each other for the first time.  She knows me.  She knows what each grunt means.  She knows what foods I like.  She knows exactly where that one spot is on my belly to make me fall down and get loving.  And I know her.  I know the tone of her voice and when she means business.  I know her smell.  And, I know the sound of that little engine in her Smart car so I know when she’s in the driveway.  So, I’m going to share a picture of my mommy.  I love you mom!



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