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Snort – I’m *ALMOST* Like This


I saw this picture on the net and started snorting and chuckling to myself. It reminded me of someone. I was really thinking about who it was and couldn’t put a hoove on it. And then it all came back to me.

Yeah, that’s *almost* how I act when I hear mom starting to pop popcorn on the stove. Usually, she sneaks in the kitchen when I’m in my room hanging out and watching television.

I’ll hear the pan go on the stove.

I’ll hear the kernels hit the bottom of the pan and the shaking commences.

That’s the part where I burn rubber out of my room, down the hall and fly into the kitchen.

I love – I can’t stress this enough – LOVE popcorn. Mom took this picture of me not too long ago. I thought I would share with you.

What do you know – it’s Friday. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get some of that wonderful popcorn tonight.

Enjoy – XOXO – Bacon


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Anyone Want to Play Ball?


Yep, you can tell Spring is out and about.   I started playing with my ball at the Hotel Thompson last night.  I was pushing it around with my snout.  Mom and Hemi playing with me for the longest time.  Mom would roll it down the hall.  I would go get it and push it back to the living room with my snout.  Then Hemi got into the action.  He would run through the house and kind of jump kicking it down the hall.  I again would push it back with my snout. 

I tried to get Bashful to play with me but he said he was tired from his travels still.  He mentioned something about jet lag so I didn’t want to push him.  I let him stay in the bedroom and put on a show for him.  He went through all of my DVD’s and has fallen in love with a show called Fraggle Rock.

He says the show humors him and makes him smile.  He loves the characters in it – Gobo, Red, Mokey, Wembley and Boober.  Although he says the Gorgs – Pa, Ma and Junior – scare him just a tad bit.  I actually found him hiding under a blanket the first time he saw them.  Poor Bashful. 

So, anyone up for a little bit of ball with me? 

And yes, I know you are going to ask about the ball.  Yes, it is Olivia the Pig.  She is sassy.  It is a girl.  Yes she has cooties.  It was the only ball they had when daddy went to the store.  I don’t mind kicking her around – snort. 


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