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I KNEW IT – Cats Are Attempting to Take Over the World


I know it’s kind of a dark picture.  I couldn’t get my hooves to work the right way with the camera the other night.  These are the purr things at the Hotel Thompson – Hemi and Mouse Girl.  Hemi is the orange one on top of the couch and princess Mouse Girl is the black/white one on the lower part of the couch.

This is how we all usually end up at the end of the day.  The purr things on the big couch with daddy and I’m on my couch with mommy.  Not that we purposely separate or anything – it’s just how it ends up.  We all have our *spots* as you would say.

Don’t let those cute, adorable, sleeping purr things fool you though.  They have evil in them.  No offense to any of my purr friends here.  But I know.  I secretly know that you are attempting to take over the world.  It’s as simple as that.  And maybe – just maybe – I will let you as long as you let me be your side kick… and you let me wear a cape – wink!


I learned all of this information the other day.  You’re wondering what brought me to this realization.  I  found it.  I found the purr things manual.  They strategically placed it in the house.  Dad actually picked it up.  It almost burned in his hands – snort.

Uh huh – it all makes sense now in this book “How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You.” 

Cats – ya’ll have a wicked sense of humor!  It reminds me of someone I know.  So I’m thinking this post should be a public announcement on the warning of these beautiful creatures.  – Enjoy – XOXO – Bacon








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