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Inspiring Blog Award

I am very honored to say that I have been granted another award – the Inspiring Blog Award.  This award was given to me by my close friend Chris at Peace Love & Whiskers (  Definitely go check out her site when you get a chance and meet Bubby, Buggy, Miss Bit-bit and Boo.

I’m so excited that I can barely keep my piggy tail from wagging so fast – I love awards and treats.  Just ask mom! 

Here we go –

Rules for Inspiring Blog Award:

1.  Link back to the person who gave you the award – See above 🙂

2.  Post the award on the page – To the left – to the left 🙂

3.  Answer 7 facts about yourself.

4.  Nominate other blogs – YAY!


Seven Facts About Me!

  1. I love attention.  I’m what you would call an attention hog – snort – no pun intended.  I love to be petted and snuggled. 
  2. I tend to be more of a woman’s pig than a man’s pig.  I think it’s because they smell good, have soft skin and love on me more.  Hey, I know where to get my loving!
  3. I’m just a tad – just a tad okay – scared of the dark.  I have a piggy night light in my room when I go to bed.
  4. I secretly think I’m a human.  I don’t really know any different on how to be a pig.  I’m good with that.
  5. I love to play in water and blow bubbles.  I think it’s fun.  I also like to splash in water and get mommy wet when it’s bath time. 
  6. Mom plays kids books on audio on the i-pad sometimes when I go to bed for our nightly story.  I like to see the different pictures and colors.
  7. I don’t do it very often but I have slept in mom and dad’s bed.  They have a Select Comfort.  I’m a 50 – 🙂 Daddy doesn’t like me to sleep in the big bed though – he complains when I still all of his blankets.

My nominations –


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Deep Thoughts Monday


This morning after my breakfast of piggy chow and Cheerios I was reading the newspaper… You know catching up on the current events. While reading the paper, I had a cup of coffee that looked kind of like this




That started me thinking. Wouldn’t you love to go to your neighborhood coffee shop and order a cup of joe like this? Wouldn’t it make you smile? You would think of me, wouldn’t you? It takes a very talented barista to pull this off and make coffee look this good. Maybe Starbucks needs to add it to their menu. Mom would definitely order it.

Having this cup of coffee made me think of the different changes in the world. What if… Let me stop laughing… What if the roles were reversed and mommy stayed at home and I went to her worky place? I think being a pig I could fit right into the mix. It might work. Let’s really think about it shall we.

Mommys computer has dual monitors. I’m not sure what that actually means but it sounds exciting. Mom says she types a lot all day long and plays with numbers. Now I can’t type the 100 plus words a minute that she does cause you know she has 10 fingers and I only have 2 hooves but I can try. And playing with numbers, well I’m not so good at that but it should be interesting in payroll and monthly STATs that she does. Ok well maybe going to work wouldn’t be a good idea.

Then I started thinking about the animal store called Petco. Have you been there? They have a cat and dog buffet bar that the humans can fix for them. Petco, I have a complaint with that. Why can’t you make a piggy buffet bar? Just saying.


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