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Leprechaun Catcher


I have a little friend named Kelsey. She made this Leprechaun Catcher for St. Patricks Day. Isn’t it wonderful? It totally blew me away. I thought it was the cutest thing! I couldn’t wait to show it to mom. Mom thought it was awesome as well. She said that children come up with some of the most amazing things. I agree.




So I have a question for you Ms Kelsey. Once you catch that leprechaun, can I have the catcher. For some reason when I look at it, my tummy growls. 🙂



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Let’s fly into the weekend shall we?  We can do the happy dance that we’ve made it through another week – YAY! 

And it is suppose to be gorgeous here in the south this weekend – warm weather and a bright sun.  I’m getting kind of used to that now.  It’s getting me out of my hibernation and into play mode.

Don’t forget that Sunday is St Patrick’s Day – remember to bring your Irish out.  Wear a little green so you don’t get pinched… then again you might want to get pinched – wink.

Enjoy every moment of your weekend however you choose to enjoy it.  I know I’ll be hanging out with mommy.  Maybe I can pick the movie for Saturday night movie night.  I’m thinking College Road Trip with Martin Lawrence sounds good.  Especially since there is a pig in it- Snort!!

Enjoy and Happy Weekend My Friends –

Hogs and Kisses –



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