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Shout Out to Wise Snacks – THANKS!

This is a HUGE shout out to my friends over at Wise Snacks – ya’ll are the BEST!!

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel did a post on March 5, 2013 for National Cheese Doodle Day.  Those little orange things are ‘one’ of my favorite snacks to munch.  Mom sent Wise Snacks an email referring them to my page and a video of me chowing down on their cheese doodles.

Yesterday in the mail, we got a letter from Wise Snacks.  They are awesome!  They even sent me two coupons to get a couple of bags of cheese doodles.  Maybe I can get mom to get them for me this weekend.

Wise Snacks – thanks so much – ya’ll are the BEST!!

Post from National Cheese Doodle Day is at


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Me and Mommy Time

Snort – how many people can fit on a love seat? The answer – that would be one mommy and one piggy named Bacon. There is no more room other than that.

At night time after dinner, I expect to have my mommy/piggy time on the loveseat. I wiggle up with mom on the sofa, we snuggle and watch television together. She rubs my back, my ears and tells me what a wonderful little piggy I am. It is strictly just “our” bonding time.

Sometimes though dad crosses the line and comes over into my territory. He knows better but he just wants to kick in to my action with mommy. Mommy took this video of daddy and I think it’s hilarious. Dad’s not doing anything but trying to love on me but it’s not piggy/daddy time – it’s piggy/mommy time. You get it?

Keep in mind, it’s all in fun. I would never hurt daddy, mommy or the purr things. I just miss mom so much during the day when she is at that worky place. I just want her all to myself for some loving. Dad takes it in good stride and doesn’t get upset. Thanks dad!



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