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March Madness

What is this March madness that I keep hearing about?  I turn on the television and they are talking about it.  Dad is talking about it.  It’s on the computer.  I don’t get it.  They talk about March madness and brackets.  Brackets?  What are brackets? 

I know it’s March – is it about nature outside?  Is it about coming out of my piggy hibernation from the winter?

Is it about Spring and Summer that relate to warm weather and running?  Is that the bracket they are talking about?

Is it about the fresh fruit that I start to get with warmer weather?  You know – strawberries, cantaloupes and my favorite watermelon?

I’m confused – will I go mad if I get this bracket? 


Is it time to kick back in my chair outside and let the sun touch my belly?  Maybe the bracket is making sure that I use suntan lotion so that I don’t burn?  I know it’s definitely time to kick these hooves up in the air and start coming out of the cold of winter.

I’ve been so confused about this for days that finally I had a heart to heart with mom this morning.  I asked her what this March Madness and bracket thing was.  I was kind of getting scared about it. 



The backboards that shatter.  The free throws.  The rebounds. The dribbling.  It all comes back to me now.


It’s *THAT* kind of March Madness.  That’s such a relief.  I thought for a moment it was a disease!  Snort. 



So, let’s everyone get a little bit of the March Madness and shout for your team!  I wonder if they need a smart, slightly spoiled, adventurous pig for a team.  With this pot belly I’m kind of awkward in making a dunk but I can be heck on dribbling!


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,

You talk about having your own room.  All 8 of us have to share a room and this is our kitty bunk beds.  It gets kind of crowded and you really can’t stretch out… let alone snuggling up to any kind of a blanket or pillow.  We even heard that the kitties at the Hotel Thompson sleep in a ‘real’ bed.  Is that true??  Signed Eight is Enough

Dear Eight is Enough,

WOW – that is a tall kitty bunk bed there.  I would think that stretching out on the floor would be more freedom than confined to that little compartment.  Is it first come, first served or is everyone assigned their ‘bed’?  Make the best out of it my little purr things!  Enjoy the moments in life where you can.  P.S.  Yes the purr things here get to sleep with mom and dad on their select comfort bed.  Rotten aren’t they?  … like I don’t know nothing about being rotten… snort.


Dear Bacon,


I hear the “V” word… you know “vet”.  I tried to hide but the master found me like this.  What do you think I should do next time?  Signed Hide N Seek

Dear Hide N Seek,

Well first of all, next time hide under something that you can actually ‘hide’ underneath.  Just because you can’t see your master doesn’t mean your master can’t see you.  Follow me?  But hey on the other hand, that is really a cute picture of your captain quarters – snort – LOL.



Dear Bacon,

Sometimes the best things in life are when we sit back, relax and reflect on life.  You know, don’t sweat the small stuff.  I have a favorite rock that I like to sun myself on and reflect. It helps me to keep stress free and ponder my life in general.   Signed Pondering Ribbit

Dear Pondering Ribbit,

WOW – Well you do look relaxed my green friend.  I tried meditation in my bedroom.  I just couldn’t get my mind to quit focusing on running and eating though.  Perhaps I will try again.  Stay green my friend.



Dear Bacon,

I’m the sheriff here in these parts.  Bark Bark – you think I fit the part?  I may be small but I’m a force to be reckoned with!  Signed Walking Small with a Big Bark

Dear Walking Small with a Big Bark,

I think you can possibly get away with it – you are just too cute with that hat on!!  And those big brown eyes, yeah, I would let you arrest me.  Snort.  P.S. I’ve seen some political people on the television.  I think you have a shot just like everyone else!  Be firm but be fair – that should be your motto.


20130225-204851.jpgDear Bacon,

My master is always telling me, “Safety first”.  Every time we go on a road trip, she straps me in.  Other dogs don’t get strapped in.  Signed Wanna be Free

Dear Wanna be Free,

If all of the other barky things jumped off a cliff, would you?  If they all got taken to the doggy jail…AKA pound… would you want to go too?  Your human cares for you with all of their heart and doesn’t want anything to happen to you.  I say go with it little man.  Enjoy the extra treatment.


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