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My New Tattoo

Really, is tattoos just for the humans?  I don’t think so. 

I’ve been surfing the net and looking around.  There are so AWESOME artwork out there on display.  I just can’t get over the talent that some artists have.  I’ll tell you a secret – come closer because I don’t want anyone to hear me telling you.  Mom has a tattoo.  Yeah, I know.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  Straight laced goody two shoes mom has a tat.  And, it’s not small either.  It’s BIG but some where that not everyone gets to see…. only if she shows it to you.  Who would have thought that?  Are you as surprised as I was when I first found out?

So, I thought to myself, “Pig, why don’t you get one?”  I’ve been on the net.  I’ve seen where actual pigs have tattoos.  They’re amazing.  Of course most of those pigs are pink and I’m black so that creates a small problem.  But, I found a great tattoo artist and let’s just say my rump is now a piece of art.  So I just know you are dying to see my behinney, aren’t you?  Go ahead and say it.  You want to see the Bacon’s butt.  Okay.  well, here you go – my new tattoo



It’s an amazing job isn’t it?  I actually wanted to put MOM in the heart but I was talked out of it.  Strikingly handsome butt isn’t it?  I think it’s the long tail with the white hair at the bottom that draws your attention.  Mom actually braids that hair sometimes.  Don’t tell anyone because I actually do kind of like it when she does that – snort.

What do you think? 

Did I make a good choice? 

I’m full of love and angel at heart?



Please note:  no actual pig was harmed in the making of this picture.  This is not a ‘real’ tattoo but a graphic tattoo. 


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Daddy and His Angry Bird Compulsion – Snort

Daddy is such a huge Angry Bird fan.  He plays the games all of the time. He even has shirts that he wears everywhere.  There’s just something so relaxing about the sound of breaking wood and ice in those games.  Me and mom have gotten so use to the sounds, we tune them out now when we are watching television and he is playing on the iPad.    He’s even bought me some toys to resemble the little birds…and especially the pigs.  It’s so funny.  He likes the idea of doing my room in Angry Birds.  Mom on the other hand is a little hesitant.  She doesn’t want me to ‘outgrow’ the look so easily and want to change up so quickly.20130220-081406.jpg

I’ve been surfing the net and I’ve come across several things for daddy and his Angry Bird compulsion.  I think he could use this hat.  I mean really, when he goes out in the morning to start mom’s tonka toy for work, it’s cold out there.  This would keep his head warm plus keep him in his Angry Bird attire.  Match this with one of his t-shirts and boom – you have a game in action!


And, I have to admit that there are times that dad gets a tad bit frustrated playing… just a tad bit.  Sometimes he has a tendency to talk back to those birds and pigs.  I really need to record him at times – it is kind of funny.  A grown man talking back to the i-Pad.  Snort – I do believe pops needs some anger management.  That’s where this shirt caught my attention.  This is exactly the anger management I was thinking of.  If you’ve ever played, you *know* how frustrating it can be… and how entertaining.  I have to admit though, dad is pretty good at it when he’s winning.


And I know sweet mom already has an idea about her and dad’s costumes for Halloween this year but I found something for dad and his obsession.  It’s very fitting and he would definitely be the hit of the party.  Personally, I think mom needs to get this for him, a green pig one for me and she needs to pick a color. 

Can you imagine us at a party dressed like Angry Birds?  I think it would definitely be a hit!


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