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My New Feed Dish



I’m not really sure what mom means by this, but she got me this as my new feed dish.  She said something about the character’s name in the bowl being called Animal and well I’m an animal – which I don’t get.  Cause, we all know I’m not an animal.  I’m a human. But, I do like the dish.  It’s a bowl with sides which helps me when I’m eating so that the food can’t escape.  And, it’s bigger than my other bowl and we know what that means… it holds more food – snort.





I saw another picture today when I was surfing the net.  I showed this daddy because I think it would absolutely be cute for him to fix for mom’s lunch one day.  That way she can think of me when she eats it.  It’s kind of creative, you have to admit that.  And, it’s kind of cute – like me!





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