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Deviled Bacon Strikes Again

20130212-213049.jpgIt has to be the weather outside.  I just can’t take the cold and wet feeling.  It makes me do devilish things… you know deviled Bacon comes out to play.  It’s a bad thing.

Mom and dad went off a little bit yesterday by themselves.  They called it date night or something like that.  They put me in room with strict instructions to be good.  Well, if you can’t be good – be good at it, right?

You can’t see my little bed from this picture but you can see my sheets that I dragged off of the bed.  My towels were scattered about the floor.  Oh and that thing in the middle of the floor.  Snort – that *was* a little cushion that the cats sat on when they came in my room.  Neither it or the purr things should be in there so I took care of it.  They have their place in the house. It’s just not in my pig room.  That is my quiet place.

Needless to say, mom wasn’t too happy when she got back home.  I tried to clean up afterwards but I have hooves not hands.  It was hard trying to put things up with my snout.  Mommy made me help her though when she started picking up my room.  It took us a little bit to clean.  Then mom made me go to bed early for my misbehaviour. 

I did get a bed time story.  It was a new story that I had not heard before.  It was about a little pig that got into trouble.  It sounded vaguely familiar.


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