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Halloween Costumes – Already?!

I’m not sure what mom is up to but can you believe she is already looking for Halloween costumes?  She said that she doesn’t want to wait until the last moment like she does every year… and hopefully things will be in stock to get the costumes that she wants for all of us.  You know my mom.  When she’s on a mission, she doesn’t stop! 

She’s come up with a great idea for her and dad.  It’s a real gut buster.  I have to admit it was clever and original.  When she showed them to me, I laughed all over the front room.  It was so funny.  Dad wasn’t doing much laughing but he did admit that it was very, very original.

Of course, the idea of mom dressed up like Miss Piggy is freaking hilarious!  I think she can pull it off. 

With this incredible, brilliant mind set of what mom came up for them, I knew my costume would be out of this world.  I just couldn’t wait to see it.  Then mom showed it to me.  Shut the front door!  Really?  Mom, I don’t get it.  I’ll do it but I just don’t get it.  She said it had several meanings if you really knew us but still I’m at a lost for words. 

Use your imagination and picture the below costume minus the dog on me… a pig.  If you laugh, you have to explain it to me.  Confused.


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Dogs Know It All

I was surfing the net yesterday while I was on the couch with mommy watching television.  I love the easy access of having a i-Pad.  I borrowed dad’s for a while and surfed to my heart’s content.  I came across a couple of things that I showed mom and we laughed so hard.  We don’t have any barky things here at the house so this one is for you!

How to wash a purr thing from the barky perspective – I thought these were hilarious!  Heck, I need to take some hints from this list and maybe try them not use them on our purr things here – snort





Any these kind of work for me as well, most of them anyway.  Rules for Humans – hope it makes you smile.



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