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AAWW Why I Love Thee Award


WOW – Isn’t that flower beautiful!? Nerrissa at passed it on to Sammy at who in turn gave it to Katie and Cocco at

That flower is getting around isn’t it!!  Thanks Cocco and Katie!!


1. Thank the friend who passed the award to you (thanks Katie and Cocco – love you guys!)

2. Link back to their blog (go visit You gotta love Cocco for challenging his mom every day.  You know what they say…”A bored mom is an unhappy mom” – snort!

3. If you’re a pet, tell everyone why you love your human/biped/peep/human…..and if you’re a human getting the award you tell why you love your pet!  My mom is my heart.  She took this little runt and adopted him at a mere three weeks.  I hate to think what would have happened if she didn’t take me home to the Hotel Thompson – shivers.  I’m only 17 months old but it feels like I’ve been here forever!  My mom treats me just like her little child.  She reads me bedtime stories at night when she tucks me in to bed.  She cooks for me special things like eggs and pancakes.  She gives me fabulous treats like grapes, strawberries and animal crackers.  She rubs my belly, my back and plays with my ears when I snuggle with her on the couch.  She even lets me watch television in my room sometimes when I can’t sleep.  No matter how much deviled ham comes out, she still loves me. 

4. Pass the award to more blog buddies (at least one but no limit on number) A flower that keeps on blooming – I love that.  I’m going to pick a few here –


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Get a Different Name Day

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here – keeping his paws on the nuts of the world –

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This just in

February 13th is Get a Different Name Day – This day is created for those who are not fond of the name given to them at birth.  It wasn’t our choosing.  Rather, our parents bestowed it upon us.  If you like your given name, fabulous!  If NOT, then today is the day to take advantage of it and change your name for the day.

What will your new name be?  I was bestowed the name of Rockford Pygmy Sciuridae.  I know, it’s a mouthful.  That’s why I go by the name of Journalist Rocky the Squirrel. 

Bacon’s full name is Bacon Porkchop Thompson.  I interviewed the little pig and asked him what he would change his name to for the day.  The little chap has a sense of humor.  He had a few and here are some of them: 

  • Brad Bacon Pitt (He thinks he can get Miss Piggy with this name)                         
  • Bacon Bond 003 1/2   (The pig watches too much James Bond)
  • Kevin Bacon (Even I rolled my eyes on this one)
  • Hamm (He said he wanted to try another breakfast meat – that pig!)20130129-104316.jpg

What will your new name be for the day?  Please share – I would love to know.

This is Journalist Rocky the Squirrel reporting out – Have a nice day!   



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