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Poor Snow Bunnies!

WOWZA – mommy told me about all of the snow that everyone got this past weekend.  We couldn’t believe it until we saw some of the pictures that were sent to us and that was on the television.  That’s a lot of snow!!  I myself have never seen any of the white stuff let alone been out in it.  Mom says it’s cold.  How cold is cold?  Wouldn’t it be freezing on my little hooves?  I just can’t imagine even dealing with it, especially the mountaeneous caves that some people got.  Look at some of these awesome pictures – which one is your favorite?













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Aaww The Perfect Weekend

I absolutely adore weekends like this past one. A good weekend is always a weekend that I can have a lot of my moms time. Don’t get me wrong, I get to snuggle with mom during the week. But, on the weekends there are longer snuggles. And, the room service is out of this world at the Hotel Thompson on the weekends – snort.

Friday night – mom lets me stay up later than usual to watch television with her and dad. Of course, I usually fall asleep while snuggling with mom on the couch. She swaddles me in my bankie… You know my king size Egyptian sheet. I love that sheet! It’s so soft. If I’m lucky, mom will pop popcorn on the stove for us. Usually after I eat my snack, then it’s our bedtime routine. I’ll go do my business while mom brushes her teeth. Afterwards, she tucks me into bed and reads me a bedtime story. Sometimes the bedtime stories are from my picture books and sometimes mom makes them up. I’ll have to share a story with you in a future blog.


Saturday/Sunday – room service for breakfast is always my piggy pellets and Cheerios. Then as mom does her chores around the house, I follow  her around helping, especially when she cleans my room. Usually she makes me help her pick up all of my toys and put them in my piggy toy box. Then when she collects all of the linens in my room, I help her in dragging a sheet to the laundry room. After all of my linens are washed and dried, I like to roll around in them while they are hot from the dryer. Mom usually laughs and lets me do it.



After all of the chores are done, it’s usually lunch time. On the weekends if I’m a good boy, mom makes me a piggy omelet with a side of piggy chow for lunch. Those are the best!!

Afterwards, we snuggle on the couch to watch some television. Of course, every other weekend after lunch, mom and dad go to the market to buy groceries. During that time, usually I will take a nap in my room. When they come home from the market, they will have some of the best goodies! I always look forward to something new mom is going to find for me at the market.

So you see, I love weekends with mommy. How was your weekend? XOXO – Bacon


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