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New Furniture Possibility

Mom and dad have been talking about needing new furniture. I thought I would be helpful and surf the net to see what I could find for them. You know something that we could all like that would fit in. Something that would remind them of me. Something that would let people know who is in charge around here. I think I found the perfect couch for the front room. I looks really comfortable and somewhat familiar. Can’t put my snout on it. What do you think?



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Birthday Cake Suggestion for the Mommy


Okay, I know mom’s birthday is still off several months in the making but this cake is the bomb!  This is the one that she needs.  They had me salivating at the Kit Kat bars surrounding that luscious chocolate mud… let alone my kind swimming in that chocolate.  Mom would definitely break down and perhaps shed a tear of joy if she received this cake for her big day.  Plus it has a pink ribbon – mom loves pink.

There would be no doubt that she would be thinking of me when she saw this cake.  I always have to make sure that I’m in the front of all of her thoughts.

What do you think about this piece of brillance?



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Gator Boys – Piggy Shivers


Mom and dad have been watching this show called Gator Boys on the Animal Planet channel on television. I have to admit I was kind of timid in watching this show at first. Those are some big gators! They look so scary. But, the show has grown on me. Now, I’ve gotten to know the guys on the show a little bit better and I’m not so scared hesistant to watch at all.

The show usually takes place at the Everglades Holiday Park in Florida with Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle. Florida is their first love and they perform alligator wrestling shows, airboat excursions and catch nuisance gators in the area. If you are ever in the area, I’m sure their show would be awesome to see first hand! (21940 Griffin Road, Ft Laurderdale, Florida.) I think mom and dad actually want to go see them now in person. I hear a field trip coming up!

This season that have relocated to Mississippi to actually work at the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch to help find and save the alligators that were misplaced by Hurricane Katrina. That’s right, they’re actually going to get paid to do what they love so much – isn’t that awesome! Hopefully it’s just a temporary move while work is being done in Florida.

These two guys are amazing!

They catch gators with their bare hands. Paul Bedard will actually go into the water to swim around looking for the alligators while Jimmy Riffle pulls the gators out of the water. They tag team in getting the gator on land The two of them then ‘tire out the alligator’ by making it flip around before putting it in the back of their truck.

If that’s not enough excitement for you – read this! Paul Bedard will kiss the gator’s snout and Jimmy Riffle opens the gators mouth and puts his chin on his snout. WHAT?! I know – I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs the first time I saw this. But now, I’m just in awe.


Heck, if you two ever want to wrestle cute ole me, I’m game. You don’t have to tape my snout up or anything. I won’t bite. And heck, Jimmy you don’t have pull my tail to get me out of the water. I’ll let Paul even kiss my snout.

Love you guys!!


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Dear Bacon –


Dear Bacon,

Do you see anything familiar in this picture?  My humans taught me to sit in a different way than normal doggies.  They thought it was so original that they had it documented in paint for all eternity.  Cute?  Signed Corki

Dear Corki,

That is really original.  I absolutely love it!  I’m thinking that dad needs to get me painted so that mommy will always have me.  Love your house too.  So nice.  I think I could slide everything on that floor.  It would be a hoot!



Dear Bacon,

I think my face may freeze this way.  I saw my humans naked again – the horrors!  I’m not sure if I can ever face them again.  Have you ever felt this way?  Signed Bub

Dear Bub,

That is really the look.  Thankfully, my humans don’t change clothes in front of me.  I think if they did, I would probably look the same!



Dear Bacon,

It’s embarassing some of the things I see in the zoo.  Humans only see things from their perspective.  I on the other hand see things that the humans don’t think other people are watching.  It’s really bad.  I’ve got some stories to tell!  Signed Blushing Bear

Dear Blushing Bear,

I think you have a future there.  Perhaps you should write a novel – Stories from the Other Side of the Fence; or You’re Not Alone; or better yet Those Crazy Humans.  I would definitely get it and have mom read it to me at night! 



Dear Bacon,

I guess the secret is out.  This is how we nip and tuck in the doggy world.  Sigh – it was bound to make the news sooner or later.  Signed Wrinkles R Us

Dear Wrinkles R Us,

I wonder if that would help with my rolls of extra skin?  I’m thinking I’m going to have to try that.  Thanks for the ideas and by the way – you’re beautiful regardless!


20130214-082908.jpgDear Bacon,

Yeah, you pay the time for the crime and so do I.  My humans make me sit in time out on the couch in the living room.  So humiliating.  At least you get the santuary of your room.  Signed Dog Pound

Dear Dog Pound,

WOW – you do look like you’re in a bit of trouble there my friend.  I have to ask though because I don’t know what you did.  Was it worth it?  Try to stay on the right side of the law my friend.


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Tell a Fairy Tale Day –

Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here – keeping his paws on the nuts of the world –

Breaking News ** Breaking News ** Breaking News ** Breaking News ** Breaking News **

Breaking News ** Breaking News ** Breaking News ** Breaking News ** Breaking News **



February 26th is a day that fairy tales are made of – it’s Tell a Fairy Tale Day.  Everyone loves a good fairy tale – kids, adults and animals.  It’s a great way to bond with your friends.  Pick a story or make up a story.  Either way, it’s a great time for everyone!

It’s not a requirement to start with “Once upon a time…” but it is a requirement to have a happy ending.  There’s absolutely nothing better than to the end with “and they all lived happily ever after.” 

So, cozy up with your selected loved one and read a fairy tale or make up one.  You all know that the pampered pig Bacon gets a bed time story every night when his mom tucks him up. (That pig is *beyond* spoiled!)  I asked him to share one of her stories with his friends here and he said this one was his favorite. We hope you enjoy!

“Once upon a time there was a four legged hooved piggy who was adopted by a human family.  We’ve all seen Stuart Little.  A little mouse that was adopted by the Little family.  Well, this family was just about the same.  They really wanted a baby of their own but circumstances just didn’t work out.  They did the next best thing and adopted a little runt piglet that was only three weeks old.  They took Bacon home and created his own little nursery for him, catered to him and taught him how to become a little man. 

As Bacon grew more and more each day and learned the ways of being a little human, he also grew more and more in his parent’s hearts.  They wanted little Bacon to do nothing more than to blossom and be happy with his life.  Bacon caught on quick to the human ways and started watching television, surfing the net on his laptop and even created his own blog.  In no time, little Bacon became a little pig star in his own right! 

Bacon adjusted to life at the Hotel Thompson and caught on so well with the schedule of the Thompson clan.  He knew when it was time to eat.  He knew when it was time to take a nap.  He even knew when it was time to go to bed.  He created his own little routine before bedtime every night.

Not only was Bacon happy at the Hotel Thompson, he brought happiness to the Hotel Thompson.  Little Bacon became such a happy part in his parent’s eyes that they couldn’t even remember life without Bacon.  He filled a void that his mommy had and made her the happiest mommy in the world.  His mommy fully loved Bacon and Bacon fully his mommy. 

And to this day, Bacon and his parents are living happily ever after at the Hotel Thompson.”


This is Journalist Rocky the Squirrel reporting out – Have a nice day!


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Never Again Will I Enter the Unknown


There’s one room in the entire house that is off limits to this spoiled little pig.  It’s mom and dads office/work out room.  They say there’s too many things in there that I can get into – I don’t know what they mean by that – looks around innocently.

This weekend, the door was slightly ajar.  I looked in the kitchen and there was no mommy.  I could hear dad in the shower singing.  I looked down the hall and the purr things were asleep in the bedroom.  I thought what the heck and pushed the door with my snout.  I didn’t go in at that time.  I just opened the door.  Nothing wrong with that, right.

There was a huge machine against one wall.  It had long arms on both sides, was black and looked like there some kind of walking rubber thing on the bottom.  Dad says during the week when he comes in this room he rides the beast.  He comes out all sweaty.  This has to be the machine that dad calls the beast.  It didn’t look too scary to me… just big.  I wasn’t interested in that… it involves sweat, huffing and puffing.  Not my kind of idea of a good time.  But still I didn’t go into the forbidden zone. 

I looked to the right and got a little startled.  There was a giant Mickey Mouse standing there looking at me – I thought I had gotten caught until I realized that it was a big stuffed animal.  Nice though, I liked it’s big yellow shoes.  I could have fun playing with that.  It made like 4 times little ole me.  But still I didn’t go into the forbidden zone.

I saw a floor fan.  Seen those before.  Nothing interesting there.

I saw a bag full of books.  Seen those before.  Nothing interesting there unless deviled Bacon comes out in a destructive mood and wants to do a little confetti shredding.  Not interested in that today.

Then, I saw it.  OMP!  (Oh my pig!).  I whimpered, snorted, crackled like a rooster and told my little legs not to fail me now.  I ran as fast as I could to my bedroom and jumped in my little crate.  That’s where my mommy found me shaking when she came in from outside. 

It was a scary thing I saw in that forbidden room.  I will *never* venture or peek in there again.  In fact, I think when I past that door, I may walk a little faster.  Shivers – the thoughts of what could happen.  Dad might get a wild hair up his bum and do that to me!  I better be extra good to him for a while.  Oh, you’re asking what do you see?


Scary isn’t it? 

I guess that was the one fish that didn’t get away.

I guess dad was the Fish Whisperer that day.

I guess he didn’t exaggerate on the size of this one.

I guess this Fish Tail was true.

I guess this Fish trembled at the sound of dad’s name. 


I guess he was right when he says good things come to those who bait. 

I guess he can give up his books Hooked on Fishing and Fishing for Dummies.  

I guess that solves the problem of To Fish or Not To Fish – that is the question.

Okay – snort – enough fish one liners – hope you enjoyed them 🙂



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Maxwell Commercial

This is the newest commercial with my friend Maxwell. It’s so funny!! You gotta love that pig. One day when I grow up, I so want to be like him. My hero!!

Mommy *always* laughs when she sees this particular commercial. Yes it’s funny. But I don’t get why she laughs that hard.


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Paranormal Piggy

Today is the perfect day. There is a Ghost Hunters marathon on the SyFy channel all day today. Aaww – that is piggy heaven. Watching our favorite show snuggled on the couch with mommy… Okay there might be a little shaking going on. Some of those ghosts can be frightening! But I’m not scared as long as I have my mommy.

I think there will be some popcorn involved in this little marathon later in the day. Have you seen this show? I just love Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. ❤

They even have a Barky thing on the show called Mattie that helps. I think I could help too. They could call me the paranormal piggy!


Did I mention that it’s not raining for a change. There’s no wind. And the weather is perfect – not too cold and not too hot.

What are your plans this fine Sunday??


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That’s Why I Am How I Am

For our movie night last night, we watched a special on television about miniature pot bellied pigs.  It was fantastic!  We learned exciting things.  I thought I would share some with you.


Did you know that miniature pigs were first introduced into the United States in the 1980’s?  See, we haven’t been here that long. 

Did you know that the standards for a miniature pot bellied pig for a full peidgreed are:  after fully grown can not be more than 15 inches tall and has to be under 55 pounds.  I am classified in this category.  I am a miniature pot bellied pig.

Did you know that pigs like to play and blow bubbles in water.  As soon as mom and dad saw this in the show, we all started laughing.  I’m known for doing this in the tub.  I just think its fun and the bubbles around my snout tickle.

Did you know that pigs love to be snuggled.  We don’t much like to be picked up.  We like for our hooves to touch the floor – we feel safe that way.  When I was little, I loved for mom to snuggle me when I was a baby.  These days, sometimes I feel like it and will walk into her arms.  Most times though, I want the security of the floor beneath my little hooves.

Did you know that piglets are usually adopted out at 12 weeks.  However, mom adopted me at a mere 3 weeks.  I was what they called a runt.  You know “a member of the litter that is smaller or weaker than the others, faces obvious disadvantages in competing with its siblings for survival”.  There’s lots of us famous runts out there:  Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web; Clifford the Big Red Dog; Cadpig from The Hundred and One Dalmations; Babe; Seabiscuit (a famous racehorse); and Darwin from G-Force.   

Mom and dad raised the purr things from three weeks and bottle fed them.  They had confidence that they could take care of me as well.  I think they did a pretty good job at it, don’t you? 

Being adopted so young, I didn’t learn how “to be a pig”.  I learned how to be a human.  That was my formative time between 3 and 12 weeks. I learned how to act based on mommy and what I saw her do.  I guess that’s why I’m so ‘humanized’ if you will.  Me and mom have a special bond. 

I hope you learned some new things about my breed.  Have a great one!  XOXO – Bacon


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HA – I *Need* This for Mom’s Mini Mobile

I was surfing the net last night – I couldn’t sleep. I came across this and thought it was freaking hilarious! People call mom’s mini mobile a Tonka Toy anyway. I think it would be so funny for dad to fix it up like this picture.

She takes a lot of flack for having a little Smart car but my mom absolutely loves it! She calls it her scooter with doors – snort.

This picture below is what moms Smart car looks like. Nice huh? Snort. I call it the pig mobile.


Do you want to hear something funny about moms car? One time, she went through the drive thru at a local restaurant. There was a car in front of her with an older guy. He kept looking at mom in her itty bitty car and laughing. When she got to the window to pay, the cashier was laughing. She told mom that the nice guy that was in front of her had paid for her breakfast. The cashier told mom the guy said quote “That lady can’t afford to buy a whole car so she probably can’t afford to pay for breakfast”. Mom just laughed.



And, with mom having the only car in this color like this in the area, everyone spots mom around town.  There’s absolutely no way she can do anything in secret – people see her.  People at moms worky place really pick on her about it.  You know the typical things: 

Where do you get tires for that lawn more? Home Depot?

You better tie it down, the wind is picking up.

What does it have – a lawn mower engine?

They call it a Smart car because golf cart was already taken.

You get the gest.  Mom just takes it in stride.  Who’s laughing the hardest when she fills up at the gas station once a month for ONLY $25.00?  HA HA

And then you have the people that think it’s absolutely hilarious to have a car this small.  They pass her waving on the streets, giving her the thumbs up, and talking to her whenever she and dad get out of it.  They think it’s a hoot!

It may be only three cylinders, but once it gets going – it goes!   


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