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Shivers to Mergatroid – What a Nightmare! *PG WARNING*

Mom tried to warn me last night. She didn’t think I was ready. I on the other hoove tried to explain to her that I was a big boy and could watch these types of movies with no problems. I mean, I’m 15 months old, I’ve got to start branching out from the cartoons, right? And hey, what’s scarier than Little Red Riding Hood with that big bad wolf or The Three Little Pigs with that big bad wolf. See where I’m going peeps – wolves are BAD animals – BAD! But that’s another blog for another day.

I finally convinced mom to let me stay up for Friday movie night. She popped the popcorn and we settled down for Jaws. Now take in consideration that this is probably my first R rated movie. Steven Spielberg directed this movie in 1975. Mom said she was 6 when it came out. (LOL – you do the math for her age, I didn’t tell you a thing – snort). It was scary for her when she saw it the first time. I’m watching it and I admit there were some scary shark situations. I learned several things from this movie. First of all, don’t go swimming in water that you can’t see the bottom. Heck, these days I don’t even trust a swimming pool. Second, it’s a ‘killer’ shark. You look like bait in that water. Don’t be stupid.

After the movie was over and I was shaking out of control, mom tsked tsked me and told me she thought I was too young. I tried to pig up and be brave but I’m going to tell you something. That was the LONGEST trip down the hall to my bedroom that I have ever done. It was darn right out scary. I don’t have any type of water fountain or pool in my room but I admit it. I flinched and jumped when I tinkled in my potty patch. Just the sound of water had me looking around for a shark. Shivers to mergatroid!

Mom came in, tucked me in and turned on my piggy night light which I *had* to have last night. I even talked her into turning on my piggy radio for a little bit to calm my nerves with baby songs. Everything was going good and I finally drifted off to sleepy land. That’s when it went wrong REALLY quick. I had a nightmare that literally threw me out of the water and sleep land for that matter. I woke up counting hooves and touching body parts to make sure I was okay. I couldn’t let mom know I had a nightmare. She would never let me watch a R rated movie again, you know. So you ask, what did you dream about pig? Take a peak below. Remember, this has a PG warning. Shivers, just to think about it scares me!


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“I’m happier than a pig waddling in mud!”

Okay I really don’t know what that means but mom says it to herself all of the time. I am happy that it is FRIDAY! YAY – shake your tails and do a little dance. This is also market weekend which means mom goes to the food place and brings me back some treats. You know, not like I already have some but I like getting gifts when she goes.

Hope everyone has something wonderful planned for the weekend. I think we are crashing like couch potatoes all weekend getting caught up on my movie que on Netflix. Fun times at the Hotel Thompson!


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Snoring Piggy – LOL

Of course, leave it to my mommy to video tape something so personal – rolls piggy eyes.  She finds me fascinating, can you tell?  There I was minding my own business on the couch last night.  I had positioned myself around mom and had my snout warmly snugged on her legs.  There’s nothing like contact body heat.  I was a warm piggy and so content. 

Mom and dad were watching television and playing their respective iPads.  Mom thought she heard a noise outside and told dad to mute the television.  That’s when they heard it and the soft laughter began.  They didn’t want to wake me up because mom – always with her camera – started video taping the situation. 

Watch the video which mom has already blasted all over You Tube – thanks mom.  Shakes piggy head, absolutely NO privacy here at the Hotel Thompson.  You will see mom’s legs – ha back at you – how you feel now mommsy – Snort!  Bottom right hand corner you will notice my snout.  Make sure your volume is turned up.  Hope this brings a laugh to your day my friends.  Happy Friday!  Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 


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Today is – National Compliment Day



Journalist Rocky the Squirrel – Keeping his hands on the nuts of the world. Here for another important message for the day. Today, January 24th, is commemorated as National Compliment Day every year. It is a very special day and celebrated in most parts of the world apart from the USA. This day represents a positive theme – a positive tone in a positive atmosphere – everywhere you are whether it be at home, the grocery market, work or that place the humans feel to punish themselves by what they call “working out”.

Compliments – compliments – compliments – that is what we most do today. Have you ever noticed how someone just brightens up at a compliment, even a complete stranger? Do you notice how much harder you work when you get a compliment? So today, we shall compliment our little hearts out.

So here are some suggestions that can help you today on your National Compliment Day.

  • Give your co-worker an honest to goodness compliment on something at work. It doesn’t matter how small or big, express your thoughts in a generous compliment. Hey go for the gold here and even try to compliment that boss. Let them wonder what you’re up to..ha!
  • Compliment that person who is losing weight.
  • Compliment that human that is consistently working out in their hamster ball.
  • Compliment that human that really has touched you in some point of your life in a good way.
  • Compliment your spouse. Sometimes you humans don’t express your feelings enough to each other. Maybe if you compliment them, they’ll give you more nuts for the winter.
  • By all means, compliment your pets. They’re always there for you no matter what, even when you come home upset. They just want to love on you.
  • Compliment the guy that cuts you off in traffic this morning. Maybe he won’t hear you but you can smile and wave. Maybe instead of uttering fowl language under your breath, think to yourself, “Isn’t he a nice guy for getting in front of me blocking me from any danger.”
  • Compliment your mother and father – if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t be here. Heck, have your spouse compliment them too. If it wasn’t for them, your spouse wouldn’t have you.
  • Compliment your pups… I mean children. I’m sure they do something else besides being destructive.
  • Compliment your teacher. Compliment your bus driver or your chauffer.
  • While you’re at it – compliment nature and all of its little creatures, like me 🙂 Hey, you can even throw us some extra feed outside, we won’t say no.

You get the drift. You give out compliments and you give a positive sense of well being. You make someone feel great with just a few words. We all know that words can be so destructive. Let’s turn it around today.

I, Journalist Rocky the Squirrel, challenge you. I challenge you to give out a minimum of FIVE compliments today. I bet you can do more but FIVE is a good start. Are you going to take the challenge?

This is Journalist Rocky the Squirrel signing off. Have a fantastic day you beautiful humans!


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The Birds – Evil Snort

Mom told me about this movie yesterday.  She said that it was made by a wonderful guy named Alfred Hitchcock in 1963, way beyond mom’s time but she says it’s awesome.  It’s a suspense/horror movie with lots of birds… lots of mean birds.

I’m going to look it up on Netflix to see if I can put it in my movie que to watch one night.  Mom’s says that I might not want to watch it all by myself in my room.  Maybe I can persuade the purr things to come in for a sleep over and movie night.  You know, extend a hoove. Mom would enjoy that.

I know ya’ll, my faithful readers, are not buying the extending of the hoove are you?  You know I just want to scare Mouse Girl in the horror movie – snort LOL.  Ok, I’ll be good.


It’s funny how mom said something about this movie.  I found a hilarious funny picture that had birds in it too.  Dad is always playing Angry Birds on his iPad.  I think it’s hilarious.  Me and mom know the theme music and sound effects by heart now.  So, enjoy this funny picture.  I know I laughed so hard about it.

I love all of those “Angry Birds” sitting around Mr. Hitchcock.  I admit, I didn’t know who the man was but I did recognize the birds.  Mom had to explain the birds to me.

It’s awfully funny though!


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I Want My Mommy Kind of Day


Yesterday was a holiday and thank goodness my mommy was home. I was feeling a bit blah, you know a little under the weather. I stayed close to mommy all day. As long as she was beside me or in eye distance, I was good.  If she wasn’t, I cried for her and went looking for my mommy.  I was very needy.

I’m not sure if it was a cold front coming in or what. Weather changes do make me feel kind of icky. When it gets really, REALLY cold, I just want to ‘hibernate’ and sleep.  This was kind of different though.  I couldn’t put my snout on it.  I just knew I felt icky.  Whatever it was, I didn’t feel good and mommy knew it.

Of course it wasn’t anything that would stop me from eating. It takes a lot to get between me and my food. Figure that huh? I just felt icky enough to stay close to mom, stay cuddly and warm and be loved on all day. Something like this picture.


Mommy fixed me a little bed on the couch right beside her. She would pet me and talk quietly to me throughout the day. She even called me my pet name… don’t tell anyone okay.  Ssshhh – she likes to call me “Pookie”.  I’m not sure why but it was cute so I let her do it.

She even gave me one of her famous piggy massages. They feel so wonderful! Especially when she uses my baby lotion, massages all of my fat rolls and then wraps me in my bankie for cuddles.  AAAAWWW – that’s the best!

I was all about mommy. Daddy came over and tried to comfort me. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it from daddy but I just wanted my mommy. I knew that she would make me all better.

Mommy went back to work today. She left strict instructions with daddy to take care of me. I know he will and I’ll be all over daddy since mommy is not here. You know how that works.

Hope everyone had a wonderfully long weekend. Hogs and Kisses – Bacon


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My Friend Maxwell is ‘THE MAN’

My friend Maxwell is living large and is now “THE MAN”.  This is one of his newest commercials.  Me and mom saw it on television last night.  We both looked at each other and starting snorting (mom snorts too – cool huh?)  It was so funny!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  I know when I grow up, I want to be as famous as Maxwell!


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Dear Bacon

20130120-122209.jpgDear Bacon,

You ever have one of those days that you just can’t put your tongue on the problem? My friends dared me.  They said that everything would be fine.  They said that it would be like licking a frozen popsicle.  They even said that it would taste like licorice.  I took the challenge. I should have known better. My tongue got stuck and you know what.  That pole didn’t taste a thing like black licorice.  Signed – Stuck on Winter

Dear Stuck on Winter,

WOW! I think your friends watched too many repeat episodes of the The Christmas Story. Did all of your doggy friends stand back and laugh at you? Just remember, you can be a leader or a follower. I think you need to concentrate on that so this doesn’t happen for a ‘next time’ my friend.  P.S.  What did the pole taste like then?  Curious – that’s all – just curious… 🙂


Dear Bacon,
Do you ever question yourself to as whether you’re coming or going? Me and my brother have asked ourselves that a lot these days. So much so, that the master thought it would be fun to take this picture. Signed Running Circles

Dear Running Circles,
That’s a great visual. I do run in circles very often. Usually mom helps me out though and puts me in the right direction.  That is an awesome picture of you two together.  You are so lucky to have a brother.  Sometimes I wish I had a biological brother besides the purr things.  Could you imagine what life would be like with two of us?!  We would rule the world!


Dear Bacon,
You’re not the only one a little spoiled by the humans.  Every night, we all get ready for bed and hang out. Aren’t my humans the best? I set up the camera and took this shot last night.  Signed Three’s a Party

Dear Three’s a Party,
Snort laughing. That is so hilarious! Yes humans are the best if they allow that nightly. I on the other hand appreciates my independence of my own room…with my own television and my own bed. Not that I’m spoiled or anything like you.  And, I think you got your signature wrong.  I think it should be Three’s a Crowd.  Snort.  Happy sleeps!



Dear Bacon,
The humans told me that I had to take a bath.  They also told me that I didn’t have to get in the tub. I never thought the alternative would be a tub in the sink. How humiliating!  Have you ever? Signed Suds

Dear Suds,
WOW. I haven’t seen that much bubble action since mom took her last bubble bath in the big tub. That’s a lot of suds. Baths aren’t that bad.  You need to live up all of that attention.  Enjoy the sauna experience little guy.  Don’t fight something that is going to happen with or without your participation.



Dear Bacon,
Maybe you are or maybe you’re not familiar with this look. I like to do it when there is a lot of people in the house. That makes me the center of attention. Wink – Signed, Splitsville

Dear Spiltsville,
That is really an accomplishment. I think I have done the split in the kitchen on the linoleum several times. Not that I was trying to but these hooves have a tendency to slide on slippery surfaces. I’m sliding so bad in the kitchen that mom finally put a huge sheet on the floor for me to waddle in to help her cook.  That way that move doesn’t happen to me.  Way to go with the thinking of attention. Two hooves up partner!


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National Squirrel Day


News Flash * News Flash * News Flash * News Flash * News Flash * News Flash

This just in from Rocky the Squirrel Journalist – I’m temporarily taking over this blog for a public announcement. Today is National Squirrel Day. That’s right folks. You heard it here first. The pig has been dethroned off his lap top so that this message may be brought to you. This is in the upmost seriousness.

In case you were wondering: Squirrel Appreciation Day was created by wildlife rehabilitator Christy Hargrove of Asheville, North Carolina

There are more than 300 species of squirrel. Different types of squirrels range in size from five inches (the African pygmy squirrel) to three feet (Indian giant squirrel). The word “squirrel” comes from the Greek word skiouros, which means shadow-tailed.

When hiding its food, a squirrel goes through an elaborate process of masking the location by pretending to bury the item a few times before settling on a final spot. While red squirrels are known for vigorously defending their territories, some females turn over all or part of their holdings, including a critical food cache, to their offspring as a way of bolstering the pups’ chances of survival during the difficult first year of life.

So upon this holiday, please reflect a few minutes on us and throw us some extra feed.

Thank you very much. This public announcement had been brought to you by Journalist Rocky the Squirrel. Thank you for your time.


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Nana Brought Gifts

20130120-140343.jpgNANA BROUGHT GIFTS!!

I have the bestest nana in the world!

I was all cuddly on the couch beside mommy and we heard a knock on the door.  It was nana.

She dropped in unexpectedly and brought me something – something that was totally wonderful.

Something that was totally out of this world.  Mommy has been telling her how excited I get over these things.

She had to see if for herself and even fed me a few of them.  They were scrumptious!  I got all kinds of them.  I know you’re asking, “Just tell me pig – what did you get?”  Well, let me just show you what she brought this little oinker.


Well, nana brought me some bananas and some Animal Crackers!  FOUR pounds of delicious animal crackers.  Mommy has been telling her that I know what the container looks like.  As soon as I saw it, I went crazy!  Whoever thought you can buy this much in bulk?  I love them!

I may be a lot of things but my little belly gives me away every time.  I think mom even ate a couple of these.

Don’t you love them too?


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