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Shivers to Mergatroid – What a Nightmare! *PG WARNING*

Mom tried to warn me last night. She didn’t think I was ready. I on the other hoove tried to explain to her that I was a big boy and could watch these types of movies with no problems. I mean, I’m 15 months old, I’ve got to start branching out from the cartoons, right? And hey, what’s scarier than Little Red Riding Hood with that big bad wolf or The Three Little Pigs with that big bad wolf. See where I’m going peeps – wolves are BAD animals – BAD! But that’s another blog for another day.

I finally convinced mom to let me stay up for Friday movie night. She popped the popcorn and we settled down for Jaws. Now take in consideration that this is probably my first R rated movie. Steven Spielberg directed this movie in 1975. Mom said she was 6 when it came out. (LOL – you do the math for her age, I didn’t tell you a thing – snort). It was scary for her when she saw it the first time. I’m watching it and I admit there were some scary shark situations. I learned several things from this movie. First of all, don’t go swimming in water that you can’t see the bottom. Heck, these days I don’t even trust a swimming pool. Second, it’s a ‘killer’ shark. You look like bait in that water. Don’t be stupid.

After the movie was over and I was shaking out of control, mom tsked tsked me and told me she thought I was too young. I tried to pig up and be brave but I’m going to tell you something. That was the LONGEST trip down the hall to my bedroom that I have ever done. It was darn right out scary. I don’t have any type of water fountain or pool in my room but I admit it. I flinched and jumped when I tinkled in my potty patch. Just the sound of water had me looking around for a shark. Shivers to mergatroid!

Mom came in, tucked me in and turned on my piggy night light which I *had* to have last night. I even talked her into turning on my piggy radio for a little bit to calm my nerves with baby songs. Everything was going good and I finally drifted off to sleepy land. That’s when it went wrong REALLY quick. I had a nightmare that literally threw me out of the water and sleep land for that matter. I woke up counting hooves and touching body parts to make sure I was okay. I couldn’t let mom know I had a nightmare. She would never let me watch a R rated movie again, you know. So you ask, what did you dream about pig? Take a peak below. Remember, this has a PG warning. Shivers, just to think about it scares me!


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