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The Birds – Evil Snort

Mom told me about this movie yesterday.  She said that it was made by a wonderful guy named Alfred Hitchcock in 1963, way beyond mom’s time but she says it’s awesome.  It’s a suspense/horror movie with lots of birds… lots of mean birds.

I’m going to look it up on Netflix to see if I can put it in my movie que to watch one night.  Mom’s says that I might not want to watch it all by myself in my room.  Maybe I can persuade the purr things to come in for a sleep over and movie night.  You know, extend a hoove. Mom would enjoy that.

I know ya’ll, my faithful readers, are not buying the extending of the hoove are you?  You know I just want to scare Mouse Girl in the horror movie – snort LOL.  Ok, I’ll be good.


It’s funny how mom said something about this movie.  I found a hilarious funny picture that had birds in it too.  Dad is always playing Angry Birds on his iPad.  I think it’s hilarious.  Me and mom know the theme music and sound effects by heart now.  So, enjoy this funny picture.  I know I laughed so hard about it.

I love all of those “Angry Birds” sitting around Mr. Hitchcock.  I admit, I didn’t know who the man was but I did recognize the birds.  Mom had to explain the birds to me.

It’s awfully funny though!


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