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Here We Go Again – Are You Ready for Some Football!?

I bet you can’t ready that, “Are You Ready for Some Football,” without singing it like Hank Williams Jr used to do. Am I right? This year debuted the new song “Waiting All Week for Sunday Night” performed by Faith Hill. I think it’ll catch on. I found myself singing it all week. Of course, it helps that dad thinks she’s a hottie – snort chuckles!

Last week, it was the Seahawks vs Falcons. Awesome game that should have ended with a win in a bigger score in favor of Falcons – just my piggy opinion. I think by the end of the game, me, mom and dad were about to have small heart attacks. We were all screaming and snorting at the television set. Afterwards, dad put on a rendition of a Dirty Bird dance that has burned a permanent scar in my young piggy mind. I had to actually pick mom up off the floor she was laughing so hard from watching it.

So this week – Falcons vs 49ers. Who will it be. Who will be going to New Orleans? Who will dominate and bring it?

You have to admit that the old miner with the 49ers is not all that scary looking. We can do this my Falcons. We need to RISE UP and take it ALL THE WAY. You’ve come too far to stop winning now.


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