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Oh Goodness – I’m Losing Something Other Than My Mind


Can you see what I’m missing? Mom totally freaked out BIG time this week. She came home and I had spots of missing hair. She ran her hands over my back and sides and hair was coming out in clumps. I’ve not seen mom that worried and upset in a very long time. She was trying to call my piggytrician and pushing me off of my laptop so she could google and come up with a cure. Call her Dr. Mom.

Every since I was little, mom has always went to this wonderful site to diagnose and do research on me. It is PIGS4EVER.COM

They are the absolute best when it comes to research on my kind. AND, they’ve always steered her in the right direction, even in this case. They are like piggy MD for the Baconator – snort chuckles.

This is what they said about the losing of my hair:

“Your pot bellied pig will most likely shed or “blow its coat” at least once a year. Some will do this twice a year. They may loose their hair all at once or in stages. Once this starts you can easily pull it out by the handfuls to help your pig along. This usually happens sometime in the Spring when the weather starts turning warm.

When your pig is loosing its hair it will itch terribly. You may notice him running around trying to itch on trees, walls, furniture, your leg, other pets, whatever is around!! Just help your pig along by pulling any loose hair. It will come out very easily. Also, a good scratching a few times a day will be appreciated. I would do this outside if I were you, unless you have your vacuum cleaner handy.

You will notice that your pig pet has a bit more hair down the middle of his/her back. This is called a Mohawk. Your pigs Mohawk will usually raise when the pig is content (ready for a belly rub). An upright Mohawk can also indicate being scared.”


Breathes out a sigh of relief. That’s good news. I thought mom was going to have to get me some Rogaine – snort. Although she says that rubbing my belly now is like rubbing the softest skin she has ever caressed. That’s a nice thought. And you know living in the South, we don’t know what seasons are. It’s suppose to be winter but last weekend the temp was in the mid 70’s. It goes back and forth at all times and mom has a time trying to keep the house regulated for little ole me. And, with me not going outside into the nature – shivers – I really don’t see the different seasonal changes.

So, all is well again at the Hotel Thompson. No need to start cutting your hair and sending it to me.

XOXO – Bacon


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